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DTH Advertising - A Booming Avenue for Retailers
DTH Advertising - A Booming Avenue for Retailers
By: iMedia News Bureau

With zillions of advertising mediums being used, the time had come when advertisers and agencies had to re-think and refurbish their strategies, be it in terms of innovative media vehicles or be it in terms of ideas and thoughts. With almost all the avenues explored, the creative geniuses had to bury themselves in brainstorming for newer options. Ambience was one excellent option, however it had been used in varied ways already and the clients required the consumer’s eye balls to fall directly on their brand. The TVCs were like been there and done that types and where could the brand establish itself to a specific section of the society was the question that remained unanswered? That is when our advertising pros realized that what could be a better option that hogging the DTH space.

If we see the crazy statistics of television viewing in the Indian sub continent, it is DTH that has proved to be the lifeline of television industry’s growth. In 2010 alone, the Indian DTH market achieved a robust growth of 75% in the net subscriber base over 2009 by adding 12 million subscribers and making it a total of over 26 million subscribers. However, the growth had been steady from 9 million subscribers in 2008 to 14 million in 2009. This increase was a result of the better clarity in terms of picture, signal and sound as compared to the traditional cable operated networks. Secondly, the increasing amount of channels on the DTH platforms with the billing matching the standards of a normal cable network, it was a sure-shot hit amongst the Indian households.

Indian DTH players are all set to rock by 2012 with retailers running behind them and a rapidly growing subscriber base. This is where the big players and the international brands come into picture as they witnessed a slow yet substantial growth in the power of DTH. According to a report by the Financial Express, big brands like Reebok, Pepsi and ICICI Bank currently have deals with specific DTH operators, which amount to around INR 10-15 crore a year. One prime reason for advertisers spending a bomb on this medium is the near immediate telecast of movies which are available within a few weeks of their theatrical release and that too with superior audio and video. However the amount is going to increase very soon, as according to industry stalwarts, India is poised to overtake the United States by 2012. If that would be the case, then the DTH players are going to be in for a fantastic treat.

But DTH players at times have even faced a cold shoulder from the advertisers. The recently concluded T20 and One Day International matches between India and West Indies did not have many advertisers. The reasons for the decrease in advertising were perhaps because of the difference in time zone as well as the absence of star cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh and Gautam Gambhir.

Another plus point is the latest updates from the channels, wherein Zee-Turner joined hands into a venture with Star-Den for distribution rights. This has led to a plethora of channels coming in India and simultaneously has had a significant positive impact on the distribution system. Advertising strategies and space vary according to the distinctive plans of each DTH player. A couple of them cater to advertising on the booting screen i.e. the ongoing advertisement that greets you when you turn on your DTH. However, only a couple of DTH players have launched full-fledged interactive advertising. For instance, Tata Sky has ads running from brands like Pizza Hut, Maggi, etc. Apart from these, brands like Nestle, Coca Cola India, Maruti Suzuki and many more have joined the DTH advertising brandwagon.

If we take the example of mainstream media or for that matter BTL activities that include digital campaigns as well as outdoor and transit media, there is a huge list of brands enjoying these media and creating a certain kind of impact on the end users. On the other side, DTH which is still clutter free, offers retailers with exclusive space to engage their consumers and even interact with them. Even if you compare the ad rates of cable and DTH service, we see that the budget for DTH advertising is pretty less than the sky rocketing expenditures on cable. Thus, DTH provides ample advantages over other cable channel providers.

We have heard time and again that India is very soon going to be the biggest and the largest DTH market in the world and with it will increase the list of advertisers and retailers who want to indulge their consumers in the various benefits and offers that each one has to provide.