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Facebook Profile Tweaking Tips for Small Business
Facebook Profile Tweaking Tips for Small Business
By: Bikram K Singh

Facebook is a great leveler. It has equipped small business with tools that will make them compete against big giants. This has infused life in small businesses which were slouching and getting shoved in the corner by big budget advertising campaigns by business musclemen.

But, despite the availability of enterprise-level marketing tool, read Facebook, many small businesses have not been very successful in cashing in on it. Let's see where the problem lies and how it could be fixed.

Facebook profile optimization

Facebook profile and Facebook pages, these are the two very important tools that Facebook has made available to all businesses, and how effectively you use it for marketing purposes may tell how far you will go in your battle to get customers back to your small business.

Use Your Real Name

This does not take an Einstein to understand that people like to interact with real people or businesses, yet many falters on this aisle. Do not commit the mistake often ascribed to losers. Have a real name of your company in the profile, and if you are not able to do that then use name of your CEO.

Descriptive Bio

This is similar to the about us section of your website, but much smaller. Do not make this unduly long. Keep it short and simple. Use active voice to write the profile. A passive tone will put the visitors off. Keep the information relevant to the Facebook fan page, and do not forget to add a strong call to action in the bio. The call to action I will recommend should be to ask users to like the fan page.

Do not try to sell in the bio!

Add Photos from your company's event

Facebook photos can also be used a marketing tool provided you have nice ones. Add photos from your company's general meeting, cultural events, or outings, and tag people in the photographs. This will make the photo available on tagged people's walls, which will increase your reach.

Privacy Setting

Go to the privacy setting under accounts on the top right hand and set the privacy setting to everyone. In a business account, do not limit the visibility of your profile, wall, images, notes, and videos, etc. to friends or friends of friends. Keeping your profile visible to all is recommended.

Groups and associations

You should not only start a group relevant to your business, but you should also join other groups functional on Facebook. By being actively involved in the discussions, you can pull visitors to your business page.

Where to start from

The first step should be to create a descriptive profile with all your contact details, and then you should optimize your fan page. Once this is done, you can slowly start building your fan page, and interacting with people you care for. A consistent and continuous effort will pay a good dividend.