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Exclusive: Presenting Elisa Steele's Keynote at ad:tech New Delhi 2011
Exclusive: Presenting Elisa Steele's Keynote at ad:tech New Delhi 2011
By: iMedia News Bureau

Elisa Steele, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Yahoo! was the second keynote speaker on day-1 of ad:tech New Delhi. She began her keynote by talking about branded experiences and how do we get from good to great with an example of the Kingdom of Dreams and how it portraits the best of both traditional India and the technological advancements made. She went on to talk about the topic of her presentation- Future of digital marketing which stated that none can predict its future yet as the medium is still in its nascent stage as it came in to existence only 15 years ago & yet it is hard to ignore as it plays a very integral role in our lives today. She shared some insights on the Indian market, stating that there are 530 million users in India who access the web from their mobile handset on one hand, yet on the contrary only 4% of the industry is currently utilizing the digital medium. She summed up the challenges faced by marketers today and concluded that to be distinctive, there are three things which we need to focus on. The first being, Differentiated Marketing Strategies with a clear and compelling value reflected in them, second - Distributing  it in a way that has competitive and cumulative advantage and third - the ability to  make decisions and move fast.

iMedia Connection India presents the third keynote of ad:tech New Delhi 2011



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