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Review: Google Set to Dominate with Google+ and WDYL
Review: Google Set to Dominate with Google+ and WDYL
By: Anish Sadanandan

Google looks set to dominate the online world by the looks of it. The search engine giants were already in prime position as far as online advertising was concerned, however, social networking was something Google always failed to capture. Orkut was initially acquired by Google to enter the social networking market but unfortunately it turned out to be no match for Facebook. This was followed by Wave, Buzz, and Google +1. However, all of these failed to create an impact that Google had hoped for. As a result, Google made many acquisitions which hinted towards the company developing its own social network. Finally, Google have come out with a beta launch of their social networking answer to Facebook; Google+.


Circles is an absolutely perfect for those Facebook users worried about their parents, or a family members, adding them on Facebook. Circles is pretty much made on Facebook’s shortcoming. Of course, on Facebook you may be able to show a user your limited profile but you really have to know where to make those settings, and could turn out to be quite a tedious task. With Circles, all you have to do is add a particular user to the circle they belong to, and share what you would like to with each group. Like the description itself, “Just like real life”. Indeed it is.


With Hangouts, Google has integrated Foursquare sort of features to Google+. Through Hangouts, you can update specific groups as to where you are. This is again great as only a certain set of friends find out where you are. So if you are at a bar, your friends can find out, while if you are at a temple, your family finds out.

Instant Upload

According to Google, the photos and videos you take on your phone are directly uploaded to a private album on Google+. All you have to do is decide which “circle” you want to share with. Now all you got to do is get a phone with a good camera.


Now this is something that isn’t really much innovative. This is pretty much like your Facebook status where you can share your thoughts, videos etc. Not something that will convince you to shift from Facebook to Google+.


Google sort of mimics BlackBerry Messenger here. You can start a group chat via your phone, without wasting money on texts!

Overall, Google+ looks good but doesn’t look like it has enough to convince users to move from Facebook to its new social network. Would you make the move?


What do you love? Looks like that is what Google is asking you. With, you can integrate your searches on all interfaces together! So if you want to search for iMediaConnection for example, you can find every piece of information on the net related to iMediaConnection from videos to articles, to even starting a new thread on Gmail. Google has realy outdone itself by the looks of it.

With Google+ and wdyl, do you think Google is set to dominate the online world?

Anish is involved with one of the leading online advertising networks in the world. He likes to remain abreast of the happenings in the world of technology, and is no newbie in the world of blogging. Apart from technology, Anish is also an avid sports enthusiast.