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Tweeting your brand to success
Tweeting your brand to success
By: iMedia News Bureau

The traditional mediums of marketing and advertising are turning obsolete with the new mediums and innovative ideas taking their place. Brands now walk an extra mile to establish themselves on the digital space as they go about allocating a budget for digital campaigns. These campaigns are like the driving tool for the parent campaign but in the digital arena. Social media, video viral and blogging constitute the major part of a digital campaign. Social media would comprise of Facebook, Twitter, Hi5, Orkut, etc which are further intertwined with viral video sites like YouTube, blogs and micro-sites.  While Facebook is the leading social networking site, Twitter is the one which is inclined a little to give a personal touch.

Having a professional twitter profile can help you to brand yourself as a leader in your network marketing or internet business! It can help you establish your credibility in your niche, generate leads for your business, build your email list, and make you more money. People want to follow other people who will add value to their community, business, and friendship; and since social media is a whole lot of guilt by association, they want to follow people who make them look good! However let us just see a few simple ways to tweak your Twitter profile to emerge successful. To start off with, a good looking photograph with a smiling face definitely gives people a chance to remember and recollect. Use a real name for your twitter name. Make the best use of the 160 characters that one has to share a little bit about himself. Here you have to be concise and also hit the points that you are passionate about.

The look and feel of a brand can also be achieved with the background of the page. Using a background congruent with a blog, website or Facebook fan page can help in brand recall and awareness. There are lots of different philosophies as to what you should use as your link in your twitter profile. You can link to your Facebook profile, to an about me page on your blog, to your best content, to a great video on your YouTube account, to a 30 second video welcoming them and inviting someone to follow you and get to know you better by following you on Facebook as well! Sharing your correct location helps people in knowing you and your roots better.  Use the twitter list function to create lists of people you have met that others might enjoy following as well. For instance, if you have got a lot of followers who are into fashion, make a fashion list. If you have a lot of businessmen, make a list of them. It is another way that you can introduce your followers to each other and help them make friends. It will help you grow your list too! Regular engagement in conversations helps in building relationships which can be long lasting and extremely beneficial.

Consistency in social media builds relationship and trust. People will not take you seriously if you are sometimes around twitter, and then gone for weeks or months at a time. There are lots of resources online that will allow you to schedule tweets if you are going to be gone on vacation or away for a while. It is better to use a twitter strategy that is focused around building the main structure of your presence from solid, beneficial content of your brand through blogs, websites, YouTube videos, podcasts, or write about the brand and then feathering the nest with an occasional quote, joke, or word of the day. Today, there are a horde of celebrities who like to communicate and connect with their fans through twitter. Millions of tweeple are following their idols and icons to know more about them, to understand about thief lifestyle. For instance, renowned novelist and author of The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho enjoys a fan following of more than 1 million people on twitter alone. His fans interact with him and each tweet receives more than a hundred replies.

Much like every other aspect of social media, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to how you should run your twitter account. Your brand’s twitter handle should fit your brand’s voice. The strategists taking care of the campaign should have a personal voice that meshes well with the brand voice, and they should believe in the brand’s core message. So just like Facebook, Twitter is equally important for branding, marketing and connecting with the users to get a complete insight of their mindsets. In other words, the tweets and re-tweets by the tweeple help in tweaking a brand’s handle with the support of a strategy in place!