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Exclusive: Presenting ad:tech Marketing Masters Series - Kartik Jain
Exclusive: Presenting ad:tech Marketing Masters Series - Kartik Jain
By: iMedia News Bureau

Marketing Masters was a 2.5 hours session held on day 1 of ad:tech New Delhi 2011. This action - packed session featured 25 minute snap presentations by six renowned marketers, showcasing actionable trends, best practices, stats  and case studies on the optimum usage of the digital space for their products.  

Presenting the first in the series of 6 marketing masters - Kartik Jain who was then Head Marketing & Direct - ICICI Lombard. Kartik spoke about how ICICI Lombard was the first to build an online insurance site in India, breaking away from the perception of the lengthy, paper linked insurance buying process as demonstrated in their TVC for travel insurance. They began with travel insurance, as it had worked well in other countries previously and in the Indian market they recognized the customers need for a quick, easy and instantaneously solution when travelling abroad.

ICICI Lombard, later went on to introduce health, home and car insurance, making it the pioneer in the general insurance space in India. He said that most of their strategies were based on the need of the customer and their feedback, basis which they set up various engagements platforms like chat support, 24x7 call centers as well as the provision of saving family member details online for easy usage. He summarized by suggesting that for any online business to be successful, one should be aware of the customers pain points to drive usability.



Disclaimer: Kartik Jain is now EVP & Head Marketing at HDFC Bank.