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Green is the way to go!
Green is the way to go!
By: iMedia News Bureau

Environment is the major concern for most of us and it is right here staring us in our faces. Every person has to take on the responsibility and march ahead in the direction of a much greener and cleaner atmosphere and Indian companies are surely doing their bit in the face of CSR activities to prove that leading the way is actually the way to make it happen.  As the global companies are getting sturdy in saluting the environment and creating an impact in the mind of the consumer by their green practices, is indeed mounting pressure on more and more Indian companies to embrace the issue and do something more meaningful looking at the need of the hour.

The Indian corporate sector has been known to spend their monies wisely and take the responsibility to stir a revolution. It is estimated that these companies spent US$ 6.31 billion on social expenditure during 2007-08. The Steel Authority of India Ltd (SAIL), the country's largest steel company, spent US$ 21.05 million on CSR last year; Tata Steel Ltd, (which runs a 850-bed hospital and rural projects in 800 villages around Jamshedpur), spends about US$ 31.58 million as part of its annual revenue expenditure.

Companies like Wipro, ITC, Idea, TATA to name a few have done some path breaking activities to not only create a competitive space but creating a real difference in painting the world green. Here is a look at some of the commendable work done by some of the pioneers and few ordinary companies to make a mark and to take a plain CSR activity a step further in putting the words into practice and that too in a make believe way.

In the form of the world’s fourth largest wind-turbine maker, Suzlon Energy is among the greenest companies in India. This vision of Tulsi Tanti influenced the world that wind is the energy of the future and their factory in Pondicherry is run entirely on this power.

ITC introduced ‘ozone-treated elemental chlorine free’ bleaching technology for the first time in India. Their environmentally friendly multi-purpose paper that is less polluting than its traditional counterpart.

At Tata Metaliks Limited (TML) lights are switched off during the day with the entire office depending on sunlight, as their responsibility in a very simple way.

Wipro’s commitment to the environmental concerns has been truly overwhelming with their Greenpeace's 'Guide to Greener Electronics'. Despite of global recession this company made sincere efforts of energy efficiency.

India’s largest oil producer, ONGC’s green crematoriums replaced the traditional wooden pyre across the country. ONGC’s Mokshada Green Cremation initiative will save 60 to 70% of wood and a fourth of the burning time per cremation.

IDEA’s ‘Use Mobile, Save Paper’ campaign is absolutely well thought and executed. The company had organized Green Pledge campaigns at Indian cities where thousands came forward and pledged to save paper and trees. IDEA has also set up bus shelters with potted plants and tendril climbers to convey the green message.

Nokia has set up ‘green boxes’ across all Nokia dealers in India, where customers can deposit old mobile phones for recycling.

Expecting from the government to do something is quite obvious but having our own pen and drawing our own picture is the point that each one of us needs to realize and embark. These companies are surely showing the way and doing their bit to prove that a slight transformation in the thinking process can work wonders for the environment that we are a part of and at this moment is of major distress. Kudos to these organizations to show the world how it is done!!