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Is Your Website Bounce Rate Bothering You? 3 Ways to Lower It
Is Your Website Bounce Rate Bothering You? 3 Ways to Lower It
By: Bikram K Singh

High bounce rate gives constant headache to the marketing manager and an SEO expert of a company. This is a devil that looks untamable, despite pumping wads and wads of cash. It appears that no matter what you do bounce rate of the website is going to remain high. This further frustrates the marketing team, and after a time it gives up and let the bounce rate remain where it is, defeating the purpose of having a website that engage customers.

Why it's so hard to lower the bounce rate

Lowering your website's bounce rate could be a little tricky, but it's a myth that it is very hard bordering on impossibility. Most of the time, people fail to lower the bounce rate because they start pumping money in doing the easiest thing they can, without analyzing the reason behind the high bounce rate. It is important to analyze the reason before making any changes to reduce the bounce rate. Talking of reasons, I must add here, that there could be n number individual of reasons for high bounce rate, but when clubbed all of them fall in the following three categories, which you need to analyze before you pump money to lower your website's bounce rate.

3 ways to lower the bounce rate

Site Usability

When we talk of site usability, we talk of everything related to website design, website architecture, navigation structure, layout, font, colors, design, and image and text placement, etc. It also includes things like website load time, server location, server uptime, and other technical features. We include these in website usability because these factors do influence the experience a visitor gets on a website.

Quality Content and interlinking

Content matters a lot. If your website does not have high-quality content, visitors will not stay on the website for long, no matter how hard you try. and what means do you use to bring them to your website. You need to have laser-targeted content, tightly focused on your niche to make your website to work for your audience.

Interlinking of various pieces of content on your website also affects the bounce rate. Let's say someone comes to your website and fall in love with a piece of content you have shared and he wants to consume more, but couldn't do so because they do not know where to go from the place he is in. There is no linking pointing him to related pieces of content.

What will the visitor do? He will close the window and move on.

Proper keyword usage

Improper use of keywords in content is, by far, the most common offence people commit. When optimizing his website for search engines, a webmaster or a SEO guy tend to use all sorts of keywords (and bells and whistles, which comes cheap) to pull visitors, but fail to strategically use keywords in the website content. As a result of which, the visitor coming in search of quality content optimized for the keyword he searched for leaves as soon as he enters, increasing bounce rate, and driving down the search ranking of the website.

There is one more thing that influence bounce rate which is how honestly you promote your website, what claim you make in the promotion, and how much your website fulfills it.


As said earlier, do not just go on pumping money at the first sight of the rising bounce rate. You should rather step aside, drink a glass of water, cool down your nerve, and start analyzing your website against each of the factors described above. Find where the problem is and then make a plan to fix it. Follow the plan. It will eventually lower the bounce rate.