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Why Facebook Matters? FB Vital Stat for Non-believers & New Converts
Why Facebook Matters? FB Vital Stat for Non-believers & New Converts
By: Bikram K Singh

There will always be people with different notions, gathered on the either side of an invisible divide with the debatable idea in the center. The one on the right be called believer and the one on the wrong side will get termed as non-believer, and there will be people crossing over the line. Although the terms have traditionally been used to describe people in the context of religion, they could very well be used to describe divided people in context of other ideas.

Despite all-round praise for Facebook and rounds and rounds of standing ovation from marketers from across the world for the kind of tools it has created for them, and the way in which it has made it easier for them to reach their target markets, there are marketers in the lonely corner of their big office buildings in our sub-continental world who feel that Facebook is sheer waste of time, money, and energy – in short, of resources.

This article, with the amount of data it will present, should help such marketers shed their fear of unknown and see the power Facebook has, and how it can change the way they interact with their customers. The Facebook statistics presented below has come directly from the horse's mouth, so the question of its legitimacy is not relevant to this discussion.

Facebook vital stats that make it such a stunner


1.    There are more than 750 million active users of Facebook, which is way too higher than the combined reach of number two, three, and four players in the social networking, namely, MySpace (130 million and decreasing), LinkedIn (115 million and rising), and Twitter (which has somewhere around 30-35 million active users). (Source: Hub Spot)

2.       As many as 70% of the total Facebook users are from outside United States.

3.       As per the data released by Internet World Stat, Facebook Penetration in India is 1.9% of total population (Source: Internet World Stat)

4.       According to Social Bakers, penetration of Facebook in India is 2.59% of the total population, and 37.57% of online population. (Source: Social Bakers)

5.       77% of Indian Facebook users fall in the age bracket of 18 to 34. (Source: Social Bakers)

6.       On an average, a person has 130 Facebook friends whom they can influence by updating their wall.

Content and platform

7.      An average Facebook user is connected to 80 fan pages, groups, and events. It means there are 80 different ways to reach every single user.

8.       A Facebook user posts as many as 90 pieces of content (status update, image, and video) every month.

9.       Facebook users spend 900 billion minutes every month on Facebook.

10.   On an average, more than 30 billion content pieces are shared on Facebook in a month.

11.   Facebook users collectively install 20 million applications, every day.

12.  Since April 2010, when Facebook social plug-in was launched, as many as 10,000 new websites join Facebook network every day.

13.   In total, more than 2.5 million websites have integrated themselves with Facebook, which include 80 of comScore's US Top 100 website, and more than 50 of comScore's Global Top 100 websites.


14.  More than 250 million people use Facebook on their mobile devices, and people using mobile to access Facebook page is twice more active than the ones who access Facebook on computers.

15. 200 mobile operators in 60 countries are working on deploying Facebook application and promoting Facebook products.

There is nothing much left to say. The numbers presented above is overwhelming. It conveys the giant Facebook has become from the humble beginning it had. Ignoring this while creating a marketing plan is not advisable. A company leaving in a cave (and doing business there only) can only afford to do so.