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Exclusive: Presenting Rajan Anandan's Keynote at ad:tech New Delhi 2011
Exclusive: Presenting Rajan Anandan's Keynote at ad:tech New Delhi 2011
By: iMedia News Bureau

Rajan Anandan, Managing Director and Vice President for Sales and Operations, Google India was the closing keynote presenter on day-1 of ad:tech New Delhi. His keynote was titled as “You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet”. Rajan began his keynote by tackling the most integral question: Has internet reached the critical mass? He set off by illustrating that in the past 5 years internet search query has increased by 20X and there has been a sudden peak particularly in the past 18 months. He went on to describe the internet user landscape in India, stating that India has crossed the 100 million users mark last year. However, from this 100 million, only 30 million access internet from their home, 40 million users access internet from their workplace and 30 million from cyber cafes. On an average 16 hours are spent in a week on internet which surpasses the 14 hours spent on TV. Out of the 1.2 billion people in India, only 100 million access the internet making for a small percentage. However, this number makes India the 3rd largest in terms of internet users. He also stated that this spike in the numbers of users has inevitably lead to the spike in online advertising spends which crossed the 1000 crore mark last year and continues to grow at 50%. After discussing these numbers he went on to explain what these users are doing online, wherein he talked about the numbers of users researching and transacting online across various verticals like travel, technology, financial services etc. stating that on the whole 30% of the internet users are reaching for products online whereas 5% - 10% are already transacting online. 

He talked about 3 trends in internet in India, first of them being Video, and how different companies like Airtel have used this medium to engage with customers through their real fans campaign on YouTube during IPL. On the other hand, Dabang was the first movie in India to be released on YouTube. He also spoke about how a banner ad for the movie Robin hood has included a call for action like “get tickets” at the end of the trailer, integrating the ‘transacting along’ with engaging the user. The second trend he spoke about was Mobile which has a huge market in India. With over 40 million users accessing internet from their mobiles and over 30 million App downloads and 8X faster adoption than PC web, it is a valued platform for marketing and re-marketing. The third trend he spoke off was online display ads from an ad in an image (while on image search) to search ad integrated in videos, online display ads are undergoing a change in perspective as well.

He concluded his keynote by saying that – “With 100 million users, spending more time on internet than on any other medium, searching for your brands, there are a lot of ways to build awareness, engage, acquire consumers and build loyalty”.