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Why Customers Unlike Brands on Facebook and How to Retain Them
Why Customers Unlike Brands on Facebook and How to Retain Them
By: Bikram K Singh

Retaining a Facebook fan is much more difficult than acquiring one. The low involvement nature of "becoming a fan" often prompt people to click the "Like" button, but the real story of becoming fan and dealing with the company, which adds up to their walls, begins afterward. Not everyone can take it, and soon many people say quit. They start clicking "Unlike" button on the fan pages which they liked a while ago.

Why this happens? What makes people leave the page they liked ones? Before we answer this question, let's see why fans leaving the website is a bad sign.

Why Facebook is so important for an Indian company

According to a study, 37.57% of Indian internet users are on Facebook, which constitute 2.59% of the total population. 2.59% of 1.2 billion plus population means a great deal, and it becomes more valuable in the light of the fact that 77% of total Facebook users in India falls in the age bracket of 18-34. We call this group marketing sweet spot. If we correlate this data with other Facebook stat then we will see the real implication of users clicking the "unlike" button.

Why people unlike company's fan pages

This was the question raised by Exact Target. It posed this question to Facebook users, the answers to which could be seen in the image below. According to the study, the main reason behind the "unliking" spree is related to the frequency of posts on the fan page.

77% of respondents said that there were too many posts from brands which forced them to leave the fan page. 38 % said that they left because the content on the fan page became boring. See the image below for rest of the data.

Where is the problem?

It is clear from the study that in order to keep people from leaving the fan page, a company has to lower the number of posts it puts online in a single day, and improve the quality of posts that go on the fan page. If you read the above data closely, you will see that a large number of people who unlike Facebook do so because of the nature of the content:

  •         38% said content became repetitive and boring.
  •         24% said the posts were too promotional.
  •         19% feel content was irrelevant from the start.
  •         17% feels unfocused content.

The study in the Facebook fans interaction with brands also found that not everyone, who has to stop conversation, "Unlike" the fan page, there are people who just ignore the brand when they found it uninteresting, which is more dangerous.

The study suggested that only 43% take the toil of going to company's fan page to unlike it, rest just ignore it or press the deadly X button to remove the company from their walls. (See image).

The research has clearly indicated that people leave a brand's fan page largely because of poor quality of content and too much posting. These are the things which can easily be taken care of, and with this a brand can also keep people from ignoring it.

Content, for one more time, has been proven to be the king, rest are just courtiers.