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Exclusive: Presenting ad:tech Marketing Masters Series - Wasim Basir, Coca Cola
Exclusive: Presenting ad:tech Marketing Masters Series - Wasim Basir, Coca Cola
By: iMedia News Bureau

iMedia News Bureau had presented the second Marketing Master Krishna Prasad a few days back.

Presenting the third in the series of 6 marketing masters: Wasim Basir Director - Integrated Marketing Communication, Coca-Cola India. Wasim began his presentation by asking thought provoking questions aimed at the audience of marketers regarding the measurement of digital campaigns like, “Why are we using old world ways to measure new world media?” and “Why isn’t the collective genius capable of tell me why I should measure a two way medium with a one way click through?”.  He went on to urge the audience to stop drawing a distinction between the digital world and real world as the consumer is not making this distinction and coca cola as a brand did not make these distinctions, in the case studies he showcased.

The first example he presented was the release of the Coca Cola shadow commercial on mobile before it was released on TV, which resulted in 475,000+ user interactions, buzz on social media as well as ringtone and video download. Here they did not give away any freebies and the ringtone was generated by the users through the YouTube video. This generated a huge response yet he said they were not able to measure the response. He then spoke about the second case, wherein 3 consumers were attached to 5 IPL teams and went “behind the scene” to create content 24x7 after the cameras went off. This again created a lot of buzz but the ‘measurement’ factor was left to be desired. He went on to showcase the third example of placing a special coke vending machine in a college which transformed into a happiness machine delivering "doses" of happiness “Where will happiness strike next?”

His presentation indeed triggered a lot many questions on how marketers should wake up to a call the new media world is making & how their audience is there to engage.