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Top Facebook Pages in India
Top Facebook Pages in India
By: Sahil Shah

Facebook is currently the top social network in India with more than 30 million registered users. The social network with 5178 million page views a month, is fast becoming the “Go To” platform for brands wanting to leverage via Social Media Marketing.

Every brand in India is most definitely on Facebook, but the real question lies in knowing, which of these brands are using the platform in the best possible manner. It’s clearly not about only making a page and just being present out there. The game is changing; nowadays brands are looking at avenues from offline integration to branding campaigns on Facebook.

I have compiled a list of Top Brand Pages on Facebook in India that will give you an idea on how smartly brands are leveraging Facebook in India. These pages have been selected on various parameters like- No. of Likes, Interaction Rate, Creativity, Campaigns, Effective Usage & Leverage.

Here is the list of TopFacebook Pages in India:

Tata Docomo

Category: Telecommunication

No. of Likes: 29,65,871

Interaction Rate: 0.1690%

Average Like Increase per Day: 6654 likes

Activity on the Page: They talk everything on their page. From current topics, bollywood, sports, etc. to promotional offers, contests and campaigns. The first thing you notice on their page is a very warm welcome message that will entice you to “Like” the page. Of course huge monies have been spent for sourcing these “Likes” but as they say, in the end it’s worth it!

MTV India

Category: Entertainment   

No. of Likes: 28,43,740

Interaction Rate: 0.2045%

Average Like Increase per Day: 2500likes

Activity on the Page: This page is certainly what the youth in India talks. Right from current topics to anything that appeals to the youth in this country is being spoken. Apparently the TV content also revolves around that. The promotion of relevant shows, VJs, etc. is an ongoing but a subtle push business from this page.

Axe Angels Club


Category: FMCG

No. of Likes: 17,84,704

Interaction Rate: 0.1349%

Average Like Increase per Day:928likes

Activity on the Page: This page is one of the best examples how one factor can be leveraged to sell the brand. First look on the page and you will get a feel of Axe Angels coming alive to please you. That’s how smartly the brand has positioned itself. Creating branding/awareness and thereby resulting into sales, has been clearly achieved. Bold and beautiful is the way to go and they have understood the crux of the situation perfectly.

Shoppers Stop


No. of Likes: 12,44,797

Interaction Rate: 0.0480%

Average Like Increase per Day: 1140likes

Activity on the Page: The ultimate hub for fashionable clothing is now on Facebook. They have been successful in sourcing footfalls in their outlets across the country using Facebook. Offers, discounts, daily promotions, etc. are a part of the page, where the customer gets the true value and the experience of smart shopping.

Cadbury Celebrations


Category: FMCG

No. of Likes: 10,26,043

Interaction Rate: 0.0412%

Average Like Increase per Day: 1122likes

Activity on the Page:The page describes how relationships in your life are important and valuable. The brand identity is very well placed with a strong sense of belonging that entails in every relationship in a persons life. Running campaigns via interesting contests on occasions and festivals is the highlight of the page. Certainly a page full of “Celebrations”

The top pages on Facebook are many as compared on various parameters, considering the number of brands being on the social network. The above was my list of the top brands that are leveraging the huge number of people they have in the best possible manner. If you have a list too, do share it in the comments section below.