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Facebook Vs Google Plus - The War's On
Facebook Vs Google Plus - The War's On
By: iMedia News Bureau

 In the war between the search giant that has ventured into social media - Google, and the social media giant – Facebook, the latter is hurrying up its offensive

Whether Facebook is getting desperate in the onslaught of Google Plus or not, it is good new for branding and marketing professionals. Facebook just launched a micro site on its portal to explain itself and its services to businesses.

However, Facebook For Business page is not aimed at big brands or advertisers, but more for small businesses. The page, as you’ll see, offers tips for these businesses on how to create pages, advertisements and use the Facebook platform for plugins or apps.

An interesting addition in this is the Facebook Stories that literally allows brands to create ‘word of mouth’, or rather its digital version on Facebook. 

This move is obviously is targeted at Google, which a few weeks back begun trail business accounts on its Google Plus network. Google had asked brands to apply and be a part of a test before the fully functional Google Plus Business service is launched later this year.

According to a statement released by a Facebook spokesperson, “Facebook allows small businesses to create rich social experiences, build lasting relationships and amplify the most powerful type of marketing - word of mouth. We created to make it even easier for people to reach these objectives and grow.”

Facebook, over the last few months, has been desperately trying not just to expand its reach, but also make it easier for brands and companies to be on their platform, taking the initiative to explain operation on Facebook themselves. In March this year, Facebook launched Facebook Studio, an online resource inside it to showcase campaigns that have effectively used their platform for brand activity and success.

This is the latest in the series of services that Facebook has recently opened up to advance its services from being merely a social networking portal to one that provides a whole host of services to businesses. This latest move, and others that are highly anticipated in the near future, have been necessitated by the foray of Google into the social media platform with Google Plus. The competition for social media domination, has just heated up with Google already having its other services which will seamlessly plug in to the Plus platform while Facebook just doing the opposite.

Though this is targeted after the entry of Google Plus, what is interesting is that this latest move seems to take inspiration from Google itself, albeit Google’s AdWord and AdSense programs. It has to be remembered that seven to eight years back, the Google AdWords and AdSense program changed and expanded the advertising landscape forever. By offering analytics and the ability to target local ads that could be put in effectively with the investment of little money, it opened up the doors of online advertising for literally millions of small business who advertised and reaped the benefits of doing the same on Google’s new platform. Seems like Facebook is trying to do the same with its new ventures. 

Whatever be the reason for Facebook to do what they are doing currently, one thing is certain that the social media space, especially for business and brands, has just got a shot in the arm.