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Top Brands on Twitter in India
Top Brands on Twitter in India
By: Sahil Shah

Microblogging in India has evolved over time and Twitter seems to be enjoying the party taking over most of the microblogging pie in India. With more than 51 million page views and over 7 million registered users, the network is poised to be carving its own niche in the social networking space in India. Compared to the strong 32 million people on Facebook and the immense branding activities involved on the network, Twitter is still in its nascent stage. But the network is targeted to a certain set of people that brands can/should cater to. Infact it’s the most preferred social network by most people after Facebook India because of its unique features.

Some quick facts about Twitter:
  • 51 million monthly page views with a fair amount of growth every month
  • More than 20,000 users on Twitter have 500+ followers that daily read their updates
  • 65% of the people on Twitter are graduates in a particular stream
  •  West & South of India contributes towards major traffic on Twitter considering the high literacy in these areas
From celebrity updates to quick news, everything about this network has some things in place for everyone. Brands are also making use (atleast trying to make use) of the niche yet very active audience on Twitter. Some of them have benefitted drastically and some of them are still on their learning curve.
Here is a list of top brands in India on Twitter:
1) MTV India

Product Category: TV Channel
No. of Followers: 332,231
No. of Following: 165
Followers to Following Ratio: 2014:1
Date of Joining:29 September 2008
Tweets Per Day:11
In 140 Characters:A youth centric channel that talks everything possible!
2) Times of India

Product Category:

No. of Followers: 155,976
No. of Following: 14
Followers to Following Ratio: 11141:1
Date of Joining: 19 April 2010
Tweets Per Day: 34
In 140 Characters: The Number One newspaper source in the country, now Number One on twitter too.

Product Category:Telecom Service Provider
No. of Followers: 16,371
No. of Following: 7252
Followers to Following Ratio: 2:1
Date of Joining: 29 July 2009
Tweets Per Day: 57
In 140 Characters:They respond to all the queries on your Vodafone connection with minimum TAT. #HappyToHelp.
4) Hippo Chips

Product Category:

No. of Followers: 3090
No. of Following: 512
Followers to Following Ratio: 6:1
Date of Joining: 22 February 2010
Tweets Per Day: 7
In 140 Characters: Brilliant example of inventory management of their stock across the country via Twitter.
5) Tata Docomo

Product Category: 
Telecom Service Provider

No. of Followers: 31,681
No. of Following: 88
Followers to Following Ratio: 360:1
Date of Joining: 24 April 2009
Tweets Per Day: 20
In 140 Characters: Customer Service at its best with broadcast promotional offers and highlighted news.
6) Flimfare

Product Category:
Entertainment Magazine

No. of Followers: 137,696
No. of Following: 136
Followers to Following Ratio: 1012:1
Date of Joining: 27 April 2009
Tweets Per Day: 9
In 140 Characters: Bollywood, Entertainment, Parties, Gossip, Music is this twitter handle all about.
Product Category: TV Channel
No. of Followers: 11,354
No. of Following: 72
Followers to Following Ratio: 158:1
Date of Joining: 28 August 2009
Tweets Per Day: 17
In 140 Characters: All the cricket news and discussions on one platform on Twitter. That’s NEO Cricket for you.

Product Category: Beverage

No. of Followers: 11,806
No. of Following: 2344
Followers to Following Ratio: 5:1
Date of Joining: 29 April 2008
Tweets Per Day: 6
In 140 Characters: Following this twitter handle, you will certainly have a good time. 
9) blue FROG

Product Category: Club

No. of Followers: 7374
No. of Following: 1923
Followers to Following Ratio: 4:1
Date of Joining: 13 April 2009
Tweets Per Day: 5
In 140 Characters: One of the most happening clubs in South Mumbai, tweeting about their gigs, artists, music news & answer your questions too.

10) Indian Premiere League

Product Category: Cricket League

No. of Followers: 77,143
No. of Following: 15
Followers to Following Ratio: 5143:1
Date of Joining: 29 July 2008
Tweets Per Day: 8
In 140 Characters: This handle comes to life only for 2-3 months around the IPL Cricket season but is trending on Twiter for that period due to a huge fan following.
This list is made based on a lot of parameters unlike just the number of followers. If you have any more brands to be added on this list then let us know in the comments section below.