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Vodafone Launches Bubbly Social Messaging Service
Vodafone Launches Bubbly Social Messaging Service
By: iMedia News Bureau

Mobile social communications leader Bubble Motion has announced further development throughout India with the launch of its market-leading Bubbly social messaging service on Vodafone India -- bringing India’s hottest social communications phenomenon to the operator’s 130 million subscribers.

Bubbly social messaging platform is sometimes described as a “voice-based Twitter” This messaging service allows any individual to share status updates in their own voice. So a celebrity or a fan can follow others using any mobile phone without downloading any application for its use. This allows all celebrities to be in touch with their fans over a “Bubbly,” and fans in return can connect with their screen idols more closely with their voice.

Bubble Motion was launched in 2005, co-founded by entrepreneurs Sunil Coushik and Venu Sriperumal. The company has raised a total of $45 million till date. A competitor to Bubble Motion is the New Jersey-based Kirusa Inc, which has also partnered with Vodafone, MTNL, Loop Mobile, Tata Teleservices and Idea Cellular in the country.

Lots of stars from all walks of life have started using this voice blogging service. Major stars include Amitabh Bachchan, Lara Dutta, Priyanka Chopra from the Bollywood circle, TV Personalities (Madhavan), Cricketers (Yuvraj Singh), musicians (Sonu Nigam) and many more have started sharing their voice-recorded updates on a daily basis and keeping their fans updated in an intimate way.

Bubbling is also a fun and easy way for every-day people to stay connected with their own friends, family and followers. ‘Bubblers’ just dial *7* on their Vodafone handset, record their voice update, and instantly their followers everywhere are notified by SMS and prompted to click and listen. It’s free to start bubbling, and free to follow friends and family.