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Facebook Goes Into The Offensive, Launches Marketing APIs
Facebook Goes Into The Offensive, Launches Marketing APIs
By: iMedia News Bureau

Facebook has stepped up its offensive against Google Plus by launching their Marketing APIs

Facebook had been in the defensive ever since Google Plus forayed into social web. However it has gone into the offensive drive once again. The latest weapon that it brings to the fight is a new suite of marketing APIs while also taking its Facebook Ads APIs out of private beta.

The intention of the suite is to give ad agencies, marketing professionals, programmers, developers etc. an access to pages, adverting and analytics for their social media marketing campaigns. Besides API the suite also includes Insights API that allows the building of social analytics tool and Pages API that allows one to build and access pages, connections, events, links, videos, notes and photos.  

Facebook explains these API to marketing professionals thus: Getting access to our APIs will allow you to build the internal tools that best addresses to your specific needs which are integrated within your internal system, and therefore allow you to more efficiently and creatively manage your marketing programs on Facebook.

This marketing suite can thus automate a brands presence across Facebook Pages and Facebook’s Ad Network. Inside Facebook, the portal for marketing professionals wanting to be on the social media, explains this deftly: “The Ads API had been in limited private beta since late 2009, and has been used by brands via third-party providers to run and optimize multi-million dollar ad campaigns too complex to be conducted through Facebook’s self-serve ad tool. Developers can now apply to join the program, which may lead to the rise of many new Ads API tool and service providers”.

This is good news for marketing and ad professionals wanting to have greater control in their use of Facebook. Despite a robust platform, Facebook cannot help the large and specialty advertisers with what it has on offer. It is in this regard that it is looking out for the development community to contribute. Just like one can automate on Google AdWords and AdSense, developers would be able to automate the generation of a big volume of varying ad permutations and be able to serve large social ad campaigns on Facebook through these APIs.  

Going by its open policy, Facebook has kept the Page API and Insights API open for the general public, removing the need for any approval process. However, the Ads API does require the developers to submit an online application and get Facebook’s approval.

This new Marketing API is expected to enable marketing and ad professional to exponentially increase the volume and focus of their ad campaigns. This will do two things for Facebook. One it will increase its ad revenue and secondly it will give it a much needed leverage against Google Plus that right from the day one has been talking about facilitating advertising on their platform.

Thus while Google is doing its best to catch up with Facebook when it comes to social networking but has been very good in ads and analytics, Facebook is having to do just the opposite. However, Facebook’s decision to keep their platform open and allow outside developers to make apps and APIs would benefit both them and the ad and marketing world. The war between the two web giants has hence just moved up another notch, and the one benefiting from the same in the long run will be none other than marketing and ad professionals.