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How to Segment Your Facebook Fans for Better Targeting
How to Segment Your Facebook Fans for Better Targeting
By: Bikram K Singh

Segmentation is a tool which has greatly helped marketers tone its message to make the message more relevant to people. This tool has withstand the storm (change) brought by communication revolution of the 1980s, digital communication revolution on the 1990s, and real-time connectively revolution of the 21st century. It has, time and again, proven its utility. The question which I am going to put forward is this article is: how can we segment Facebook users for better understanding of their nature and interaction with the page.

Facebook user segmentation

There are two ways in which Facebook users can be segmented. One is the traditional approach which usage geography, demography, and psychographic and behavioral data, etc., to segment Facebook users, and another approach is to segment Facebook users on the basis of their connectedness with the Fan page, and their level of interaction with the page.

In this article, we will talk about the latter part of segmentation, which is loosely related on the Three Tiers of Non-customers framework proposed W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne in a book titled Blue Ocean Strategy.

Three tiers of Facebook fans

Every Facebook user can be put into one of the three segments based on his or her involvement and interaction with your Fan page.  In this article, all Facebook users have been divided on the basis of their proximity to three circles of influences. (See image)


This group consists of Facebook users who have liked your fan page. These are the people whose wall will get updated with the content pieces you will share on Facebook fan page. There interaction with fan page is usually high.

Fan’s influence circle

The fans’ circle of influence includes his friends, pages he follows, his website or blog (f it takes feed from your fans’ wall), etc. These people (and pages) will get your message or update through their friends’ wall who happen to be in the first group. This group often tends to be larger than the first one.

It has been found that on an average, one Facebook user has 150 friends and she follows 90 pages. So one person can influence at least 150 people (which is the minimum as most of us have more friends that this) and 90 pages, each of which will have hundreds of fans. We can reasonably assume, therefore, that the circle of each fan’s influence covers around 2,400, when a minimum user base of 25 of a fan page is taken (25X90+150).

Outside influence circle

This is the third group, which consists of people who are neither your fans nor friends (or pages and their followers) of your fans. This group consists of complete strangers. Your page does not have any influence on them, and only potent way to reach them on is Facebook Advertisement.


Each segment can further be broken down on the basis of their proximity to the center and their level of interaction with the fan page, but we will not go that far in this article. For the time being, these three segments appear to be good enough.