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INFOGRAPHIC: How Asia Uses Social Media?
INFOGRAPHIC: How Asia Uses Social Media?
By: Sahil Shah

Social Media is big in Asia. If you don’t buy that, then this piece will certainly make you understand why. A recent infographic released by Burson-Marsteller on the Social Media trends in the Asia-Pacific region revealed a lot of insights. The report concluded that the Asia-Pacific region is one of the fastest growing digital landscapes in the world and the online as well as mobile penetration has facilitated this rapid growth. Without further delay, I will put you across to various finding from the report.

Internet Growth in Asia:

  • 58% of Asia’s population consists of an active internet audience.
  • The number of people online in Asia are 1,870,532,000 which is even more than the population in many countries outside Asia.
  • Vietnam witnessed a internet population growth rate of 12,035% of the last one year.
  • China, India, Indonesia & Philippines are the top countries that grew at a healthy rate of more than 1300% compared to last year.
  • The volume of growth is also the highest in the countries with more than 1000% growth.
  • China, India, Indonesia & Philippines are countries with the maximum population but with lowest penetration of mobile &internet usage. This exhibits the amount of growth opportunities involved against the already saturated markets in the western countries.


Top Social Networks in Asia:

  • Facebook is not the highest used social network in Asia with over 1,80,508,020 registered users.
  • Qzone is the top social network in Asia, I could say only China, with more than 531 million registered users.
  • Social Networking & Video sharing are the top two social activities found in most countries in Asia.


India’s Online & Social Scenario:

  • Only 8.2% Indians consist of the online population of India. That is also a good number of 100 million people in India.
  • Facebook is the top social network with 15000 million page views and an audience of over 34 millions registered users.
  • Youtube, Yahoo &Orkut are the other top social sites that garner hits after Facebook.
  • The reach of mainstream media is very less compared to the reach sourced by social sites.


Analysis Trend of Asia Pacific Trends:

  • Besides China, Facebook is the top social network in most of the countries.
  • Yahoo & Youtube are the other top websites that generate a lot of traffic.
  • The internet growth is huge in many parts of Asia and is facilitated by social networks largely.
  • Countries with the largest amount of population are the least in terms of Internet penetration.


Consumers are spending more time creating, consuming and sharing information and we are already witnessing a shift in magnitude in how companies need to plan and manage communications for the future. It’s a safe bet that Social is the way to go. Do let us know in the comments section on what do think will be the future of Social in Asia.