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iMedia Brand Summit Goa - 3 Days with over 50 Brand Marketers!
iMedia Brand Summit Goa - 3 Days with over 50 Brand Marketers!
By: Namita Ved

India as a market is surely growing by leaps & bounds when we refer to Digital Media as a field. Brands are more conscious about their online image & presence. Add to it the increasing number of agencies & specific solution providers in verticals like Mobile, DTH, Social Media, SEO etc, the scope has widened as startups specializing in the above verticals are opening up & bigger agencies are expanding their reach by introducing specific departments so as to cater to a client’s 360 degree marketing plan.

But how many of these agencies & startups get a chance to directly interact & network with the client? We’ve seen a sudden rise of events off late in the online industry & while each one has its uniqueness, does it really end up solving your purpose as an attendee?

To bridge the gap between brand marketers/CMOs & agencies or service providers, NetworkPlay is launching the first most robust closed door CMO summit known as the iMedia Brand Summit. This is an initiative which came into being post ad:tech New Delhi 2011 which was a roaring success & the largest ever event the industry has ever witnessed.    

When: 21st – 23rd September 2011

Where: The Grand Hyatt, Goa

What is iMedia Brand Summit Goa?

iMedia Summits have been in existence since 2001 & have played a pivotal role in bridging the gap between buyers & sellers in the online industry by constantly meeting the challenges faced by them in the ever expanding marketing environment.  iMedia Brand Summit 2011 Goa will be the most innovative and cut-through forum that would bring in the top honchos of agencies and brands together. In an intimate and focused setting, the summit will drill down to the real innovations influencing marketing and one that offers marketers with strategic direction & solutions to communicate a clear message and build engagement with customers. This three day summit is full of opportunities to gain insight and collaborate with marketers, agencies & service provider partners. To make it an excellent networking platform, specific recreational activities like Pool Party with Water Polo, Volleyball, Wine & Cheese Tasting etc are a part of the entire agenda with every evening dedicated to Dinner & Cocktail sessions.


Who should attend:

A niche gathering like iMedia Brand Summit only looks at delegates who are in the senior hierarchy of the organization – VP/Director/CXO level. This ensures high profile networking that takes place all throughout the 3 days & connection between the right set of people who are influencers & decision makers.

One would get to meet & network with 50 top Brand Marketers of India who spend huge amounts on Digital every year & are planning to increase their online spends with the help of new service providers & agencies.  A preview of the Brands attending:

View complete list here

Along with these 50 CMOs, this summit would look at 50 sellers who comprise of agencies, service providers, vendors etc whose services pertain to digital media marketing. A preview of the sellers attending:


In comparison to other events, this summit focuses on networking & peer to peer interaction which helps strengthening long terms business relations. The agenda has been designed keeping in mind the core focus of brands to increase their digital spends & addressing their pain points & challenges.  With a 22 member Advisory Board in place, the schedule has been collated after hearing them out in a closed door gathering post the summit’s announcement. Metrics & Measurement, Social Media, Talent & People, Mobile Marketing etc were concluded to be HOT topics & are strategically placed in the agenda here.


The three keynotes are from:


1)  Marketing in the Digital Age: Haresh Khoobchandani, CMO – Consumer & Online, Microsoft Singapore

2) Where Plumbing Meets Poetry: The merger of Emerging Technologies and Creative Brand Platforms: Alan Schulman, Chairman & Chief Creative Officer U. DIG > The Digital Innovations Group

3)  The Generation Change - Digital Adoption for Marketers:  Joe Nguyen,VP - Southeast Asia, comScore  

Why should you attend?

Only iMedia's Brand Summits deliver a dynamic combination of session content featuring top-level speakers and numerous opportunities for networking between marketers and solution providers in an exclusive, invitation-only environment. And, a luxurious resort setting takes everyone away from day-to-day intrusions, allowing for a relaxed, focused atmosphere in which to conduct business. A preview of the delegates attending:

Hear what marketers like these have to say about this summit:

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Join us for this exciting mega summit & be a part of the first ever iMedia Brand Summit Goa in India.