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People Movement: Netcore CEO Abhijit Saxena Heads Out to Start his Own Venture
People Movement: Netcore CEO Abhijit Saxena Heads Out to Start his Own Venture
By: iMedia News Bureau

Abhijit Saxena, CEO Netcore Solutions  has resigned from the company to start his own venture which will be a “multi-modal” mobile marketing agency. He wants to set up this agency to provide full fledged solutions to the clients in the mobile space. He will be working till 30th September to end his tenure.

Netcore Solutions provides innovative products & services for consumers & businesses in the Mailing & Mobile space under Emergic & MyToday brand respectively. Emergic offers products & services like Spam & Virus Filtering,Mailing,Mail Archiving & Email Marketing solutions.It currently has an impressive client base of more than 1000+ enterprise clients. Girish Nair, currently the COO at Netcore, will take over as CEO.

In his career span of around sixteen years, he has worked with brands like The Times Of India and Zee TV. Before joining Digital Media Convergence Private Ltd. (DMCL) as CEO he spent over 11 years as President with Zee TV.

Speaking to iMedia Connection exclusively, Abhijit stated, "I had a great journey across media starting with print at TOI to tv at Zee and now mobile/digital at Netcore. I got the opportunity to grow the company from being a technology and innovation hub to a strong business entity. Since the last 6 years i have been working on mobile and feel that the potential of this device is still to be explored. Though there is great distribution but yet we have experimented with just limited platforms on the mobile."

On starting his own venture in the Mobile field, he said " The new venture is the first ever exclusive mobile agency in the country where we will get mobile its right position as a marketing, engagement and response device. Each of the traditional media is a singular platform media while mobile is the only multimedia device which can actually unleash tremendous power both as a complementary medium to traditional as well as a stand alone medium. The tenure also exposed me to the world of entrepreneurship and today I am able to launch my own venture due to the learning at Netcore." 

With this new endeavor, we wish him a great expedition.