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Social Networking for Your Car, More Than Literally
Social Networking for Your Car, More Than Literally
By: iMedia News Bureau

Social Cloud finds a place in your car, to make your driving experience better and safer.

What are the most unbelievable places you can imagine finding social media? Among other thing we’ve already told you about social media having caught the eyes of defense personnel. Now here’s more surprising social networking news – social media has found a seat in your next car. Don’t believe it? Try the next Ford Evos.

According to “The Ford Evos plug-in Hybrid concept vehicle is so smart, it can socially network with its driver’s friends and recommend roads and routes that might be quickest or the most fun to drive.” According to makers Ford, the intention is to “enable a seamless lifestyle between home, office and car linked by access to the driver’s personal information.” So it is not exactly your social media in terms of being able to access Facebook or Twitter, that is something almost any device with a display can do, but more of what is called the ‘social cloud’, the next level of social media.

The makers of the car wanted it to be perennially connected to the cloud allowing it to know the driver’s work schedule, keeping a constant look on the traffic and weather while also assisting and monitoring the driver.

The four-seater concept car was shown in Germany this month and will debut at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor show. The intention of the car is simple – it allows the driver to have access to a ‘personal cloud’ of information at any time e.g. if the driver was listening to a song at home before stepping out, it will pick that and play it in the car. Before the driver gets into the car, it would switch on the air conditioning to allow a seamless transition into the car. Its smart systems will monitor the conditions of the driver – his ‘physical state and workload’, adjust the car’s handling, heating and cooling depending on this information about the driver. In cases of extreme stress, it would perhaps use these to keep the driver from falling asleep.

Thus it is no exaggeration when in a company statement, Ford says, “The car gets to know you and can act as a personal assistant to handle some of the usual routines of a daily commute.”

However, if you are waiting to buy a car and hope to buy it in the next few months, your wait might be a little longer. According to Ford, “While you will never see this car on the road, the next generation of Ford products around the world will display many of the distinctive design ideas and advanced technologies it showcases.”

Ford, that has been at the cutting edge of technology and design when it comes to car, obviously wanted to be one of the first to tap into not just the latest craze for social web, but to use information smartly to make a car not just much more smarter, but much more safer and sensitive to its surrounding, especially the driver. And it perhaps will indeed be.

Back in the 1980’s when the TV series Knight Rider hit Television, it mesmerized car lover with a car called KITT that was smart, agile and which talked back to its driver. This development of having cars in the social cloud is one of the first steps in ensuring everyone has their own shiny KITT.