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Consumer Preference for Mobile Marketing Overrated
Consumer Preference for Mobile Marketing Overrated
By: iMedia News Bureau

A recent study finds that customers might not necessarily prefer being approached by mobile marketing campaigns.

There have been many studies on the past about consumer preferences for mobile advertising. Most of them have stated that the new way to target eyeballs and get business is through mobile marketing campaigns. While that is true, a new study by marketing firm Acxion finds that there may be a need for a rethink on what exactly it means.

Acxiom’s survey discovered that only 12% of existing customer thought that mobile ads were appropriate. This rate further dropped when one considers SMS marketing with a mere 9% considering to be okay. This is way off the figures circulating in the market that peg the acceptance to both these at a much higher percentage.

Consumers have a greater bone to pick with SMS marketing with only 4% accepting it. There’s more shocking news for those that pronounced the death knell for email marketing with the advent of mobile. The research finds that over three fourth customers (71%) are happy to receive mails from brands from whom they have brought products or services with 57% favouring email over sms.

Also, 78% existing customer do not mind brands contacting them through emails, while for unsolicited prospective customers, the figure drops further to 52%. According to a press statement by Murray Dudgeon, Acxiom Europe's Head of Client Service, "The digital age is accelerating the opportunity for brands to truly engage with consumers across all channels. Equally, it is leading to constant shifts in the way people buy and interact with brands. The risk of marketers getting contact strategies wrong and wasting budget is increasing." 

He added, "Now more than ever, marketers need the insight to understand when and where it's appropriate for brands to join the conversation with consumers - and when they do, to make those communications as relevant, consistent and delightful as possible." 

It is clear from this report that marketers across the board where clearly over-estimating consumers’ preference for being contacted through mobile phones. The point is where does it leave them and what can they do?

The answer is crystal clear. The need for marketing professionals is to become smart. First of all they have to stop the pestering calls on the phone or bombarding mobile users with unsolicited smses and rethink their strategy and see what they do like. One trend that has emerged since the advent of smart phones is mobile apps and games. Consumers like to get these free. It can be a good strategy for marketers to target prospective consumers with embedded marketing messages and advertising instead of directly approaching them as this study shows.

So far marketing professionals had it easy using a direct approach through mobile phones. However, this study should provide them with a wakeup call. Yes, they cannot neglect mobile when it comes to their communication needs, but they need not become direct in the same. As with anything else, creativity in mobile advertising and marketing will, in the end, determine the success of marketing campaigns on mobile devices.