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Google's Turn to Take a Flight!
Google's Turn to Take a Flight!
By: iMedia News Bureau

A lot of travel companies are now going to be on the run for their money as their supposedly worst nightmare has come true! Ever since Google, the search engine bought ITA Software, a company that powers airfare-search technology for many a websites, for a whooping $700 million in April 2011, a chunk of companies from the travel sector have been living in fear. Well, on September 13, 2011, Google launched Google Flights that is designed to combine ITA’s massive databases with Google’s express search.

A Revolution begins - Google bought ITA Software for $700 Million in April 2011

So why the fear and what is so unique about Google Flights that it is generating such a hue and cry? A spokesperson for Airnetz Aviation Pvt. Ltd, one of India’s leading charter services’ company, Ameya Gore says, “Google acquired ITA earlier this year and since then many firms have been waiting as to what will happen next? I was just going through it yesterday and observed a lot of interesting things. You can filter searches by price, airlines and routes. It also offers a handy bar chart to figure out when the cheapest time to fly will be! It is one of the biggest companies in the world and anything with the name and logo of Google just speaks of quality. This is one of the main reasons of companies running helter-skelter apart from Google’s reach and spread!”

A sneak peek at Google Flights

However like everything has their negative and positive side, the same way Google flights also has its pros and cons. On the positive side is the super speed blended with interesting features like Google Maps, fares to alternate cities, travel expenses at different times of the year, etc. The negative includes moving back and forth on the console for comparisons and because it is very new, only a handful of cities, specifically in the U.S., and redirects to a few websites are available for booking.

Now, a lot of companies like Bing, Kayak, Expedia, Orbitz, etc. who are being termed as competitors have now changed or rather started implementing new strategies to overcome this Google juggernaut. But as of now, the industry pundits are simply waiting for this venture to become available worldwide across all the cities of the world. Like they say that only time will tell, the same way only time and skills will tell as to which company emerges the winner! Will Google have the last laugh or will its competitors? Also, a question arising in many a funny minds is that after Google Flights, is the search giant planning to launch its own fleet? All you techies at Google, do you have an answer to this!!