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Have Secret? Will Post Online
Have Secret? Will Post Online
By: iMedia News Bureau

PostSecret, that wonderful relic from the old online world finally goes social with dedicated Apps.

Almost everyone who has used the internet before the advent of social media, would have heard of the Post Secret project where craftily designed postcards from strangers carrying sometimes funny and at other times some poignant messages were scanned and posted online. The project has found a new avatar in social media.

It began as a mail in art project created by Frank Warren. In 1995, he posted his address on a site and asked people to send in their secrets anonymously on homemade postcards. He selected the best from those he got, and put them up on the PostSecret website. 

The result was something that everyone who has ever visited the site would remember. Some of the postcards were notable for their sheer humour, some for their wit, few for their poignant messages while a others were interesting for their art work. None of them were clichéd and boring. Before the advent of social media, sites like PostSecret were the ones where internet users went to de-stress for a few minutes. And the postcards, in themselves, as this article rightly states, “became snapshots of humanity.”

The tremendous success of the portal resulted in it being expanded beyond the art project to become a full fledged enterprise that saw a whole slew of merchandise from normal books to coffee table books. Now, in the social media world, it is available in a newer avatar – social media apps.

iPhone which released the app on its phones saw it quickly reaching on Apple’s top-20 list of best selling paid applications with over 100,000 secrets having been shared via the apps so far. The apps not only allow users to share secrets anonymously but also allow users to ‘pin’ their secrets to a location while also remaining anonymous. Thus the apps use the old world charm of the same, with new world devices.

In a CNN article, Warren says, “It’s super organic, so we don’t know what kind of conversations are going to emerge. We don’t know how people are going to use it.” However the same article goes to state that he sees the app as “a way of shining light on these hidden parts of ourselves, and in some ways sharing secrets as commerce and currency.”

Warren has grand plans for the app in terms of bringing concrete change. He says, “We notice at a certain campus, perhaps, a lot of students are struggling with issues of abuse or eating disorder or stress … there’s a way we can talk to that school and have them offer more of their resources to students, or make them aware of what’s available to help.”

While this use of the apps may indeed be far-fetched, what this app indeed does is give brands and organizations from the old world, inspiration to adapt to the new. Social media on the web might be new, but it is not a new invention conceptually. It mirrors the old world and is merely a modern reflection of human need to interact with one another. In the same way, almost everything that existed in the past and did well was a reflection of the needs of the society then. That is perhaps necessary even in today’s world but the brand or the organization, unable to cope with changing times, is floundering now. However, all it perhaps requires to be in vogue again, is a little imagination, just like this apps shows. If posting your secrets online can sell, anything else can too.