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Amazon Kindle on Fire - Amazon Set to Launch Its Tablet Today
Amazon Kindle on Fire - Amazon Set to Launch Its Tablet Today
By: Bikram K Singh

The days of speculation, wondering, and ifs and buts over Amazon’s probable plunge into the tablet marketfinally got a chance to sit idle and let dust settle on it, as on Wednesday, in New York City, Amazon is going to unveil its LCD-lit its “un-eBook reading device”, Amazon Kindle Fire, in front of a huge gathering of people, who are salivating since they have heard of the launch.

Now, Amazon’s vicious attacks on Apple (and others) for promoting tablet as an eBook reading device will cease, as the company itself is joining the party with an Android-powered device. The preparation was long done, and first big step was Amazon’s app market store that it has launched sometime back.

It would be interesting to see how the market reacts to this new Android-powered device. Android, as an operating system is, indeed, more robust than Apple’s iOS, which powers iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, but the “cool factor” associated with Apple’s devices is missing. Will Amazon’s Kindle Fire be able to add zing to the platform? Will it be able to improve the image of the platform, which it will share with cheap Chinese mobile device manufacturers? Can it make the device aspirational as an iPad is?

These are some of the questions, which can only be answered in the hindsight, but looking from the vantage point of Amazon’s other successful launches, it is not very hard to imagine the prospect of the device being the real “iPad Killer”. It could atleast dethrone likes of Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry, Motorola, etc.

Amazon Kindle Fire, as speculated by the industry analysts, will run on TI dual-core OMAP chip. Other details are not yet clear, but it is safe to assume that with this device Amazon will also try to blunt the edge its rival Barnes & Nobles has in “color eBook reading device” segment. The company must have kept an eye of Nook 2 that Barnes and Noble is going to launch in the coming month.

It is suspected that the device will have a 7-inch backlit LCD display, a screen-size, which was popularized by Samsung Galaxy Tab, who latter disowned the platform after a dream run to chase Apple’s Pie.

Seeing the Amazon’s edge in eBook reading market, the 7-inch screen makes sense. My feeling is, 7-inch screen-size will be the future of tablet, for the screen size make the tablet very handy. Some people argue about its being slightly smaller, but given the tradeoff (clumsiness in handing 10-incehs iPad with one had), my bet is on the 7-inches devices.