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iMedia Brand Summit Goa - Networking at its best
iMedia Brand Summit Goa - Networking at its best
By: Namita Ved

iMedia Brand Summit Goa was one gathering none of the attendees would ever forget. Three days of power packed sessions, group discussions, fun, recreation activities & loads of NETWORKING.

The highlight of the summit was its uniqueness of it being the first closed door gathering for Senior professionals which had 50 buyers (Brand Marketers/CMOs) & 55 sellers (service providers, publishers, agencies) & spoke about one thing – Growth of Digital Media in India. And not to forget the whole point of taking people away from their schedules to a relaxing place like GOA. This 3 day summit was stationed at the Grand Hyatt, Goa near the Bambolim Beach & as a mandate – all delegates had to compulsorily reside in the same resort where the summit took place.

Day 1 Wednesday 21st Sept 2011 began with all delegates flying in & reaching the resort, settling themselves to get all ready for the One Minute Match Up which began at 5:30 pm. A professional speed dating round which had the 50 buyers seated & the 55 sellers moved from one buyer to another clockwise introducing themselves in just a span of a minute - A chaotic hour which saw all delegates sharing their visiting cards & innovatively introducing each other. The tagline was ‘A Minute to Introduce & 3 days to Connect’. Post this, the delegates were seeing chatting with each other over an opening Cocktail Reception. To set the tone right for the next two days, an opening keynote panel was held which spoke about ‘The changing world of Media’ moderated by Rammohan Sundaram (CEO Networkplay & summit chairman) along with 4 other key panelists: Gaurav Seth of MAX, LK Gupta of LG India, Virginia Sharma of IBM India & Arun Tadanki of Yahoo! India. The clear dispute was on Internet Marketing which is extremely important for brands but why do they still spend huge bucks on TV advertising.

Day 2 Thursday 22nd Sept 2011 began with a Breakfast presentation jointly given by Upen Roop Rai & Sandeep Amar of Indiatimes followed by a classic opening keynote presentation by Haresh Khoobchandani, CMO – Consumer & Online, Asia pacific, Microsoft. The beauty about his keynote was his interaction with the audience that kept them so engaged with his content. Ramswaroop Gopalan of Sapient Nitro gave a fabulous 25 minutes snapshot presentation on how Technology drives Creativity by showcasing some excellent campaigns through videos that saw the audience innately glued to the screens. Day 1 also saw delegates being involved in a unique Roundtable Discussion which has all the delegates distributed on different tables manned by a moderator & a topic to debate on. Delegates had fun discussing within smaller groups as that kept them involved & active. Alan Schulman from U.Dig’s keynote which was all about churning the creative juices in the audience’s brains & emphasized on how powerful messaging helps create wonderful Big Brand Ideas. The highlight of this day was the four hours spent in various recreational activities. Wine & Cheese Tasting saw all the delegates carefully listening to a session which showed them everything about wines & their making. Volleyball & cricket saw around 30 delegates ferociously teaming against each other & playing with the right spirits. Pool party which was sponsored by comScore saw music, beer, delegates swimming & playing water polo, a few of them singing with a Live guitarist, a few posers with funny props etc.


Day 3 Friday 23rd Sept began with a Breakfast presentation by Mahesh Narayanan of Google who stressed on the Mobile story in India & shed light on what Google’s contribution has been to this segment. Since measurability was such an important aspect for marketers, Joe Nguyen, VP – Southeast Asia, comScore keynoted on such data that had never been seen before & showed eye opening statistical infographics. The next two SnapShot presentations were by Adrian Terron of Nielsen who ignited a very important discussion on what data Brands need to aggregate to make their social media presence more healthy & apt followed by Atul Satija’s (VP & MD inMobi) presentation on the challenges the Mobile segment is going to face in the 12 months! Another USP about this summit is the Ten Minute Innovation Presentations which saw 10 presenters speaking about their company’s innovative & creative services or some who just spoke about what innovation in Digital Media stands for!

Each of the Dinner Cocktail sessions ended in different properties within the Grand Hyatt which gave delegates even more time to enjoy & relax.  Closing remarks from the brands who gave constructive feedback on their expectations for the next year’s iMedia Brand Summit was brief & to the point – more conventional agencies should attend, no sales pitches & lastly more attention on B2B brands. Most importantly, the format was a win-win & attracted their attention to the minute details that went into making this 3 day summit a super successful show.

These summits very clearly mark the beginning of what will unravel huger media spends on digital as & will see more connectivity through long term relations being built.       

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