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LinkedIn acquires CRM network Connected
LinkedIn acquires CRM network Connected
By: iMedia News Bureau

LinkedIn in order to provide better and advanced service to its users has taken over one more CRM tool, Connected and as a result it made its service free to all users.

Connected is a customer relationship management tool which lets you see all of your contacts’ most recent social activity and brings all of your conversations with them together in a single location. This tool basically caters to people or businesses which do not want to or are too small to have their own CRM unit.

It was launched in February with the aim of helping professionals build, maintain and leverage their professional networks. Users are managing more than 11 million contacts through Connected’s automated real-time address book and a system that encourages them to keep in touch with their contacts. Connected has integrations with several social networks and has several features, including daily agenda emails.

The husband and wife team behind Connected, Sachin and Ada Chen Rekhi will be joining LinkedIn at the end of June and will work on improving contact management at the social network.

LinkedIn has more than 120 million users; up from the 115.8 million it had and the future of this acquirement will bring out lot of interesting facts about LinkedIn,  that how will it put together all these small under takings to create one big bunch of goodies for the users on the network.