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Steve, The Legend The Innovator The Perfectionist - A Tribute
Steve, The Legend The Innovator The Perfectionist - A Tribute
By: Rammohan Sundaram

If someone ever told me no one can Edge God Out (EGO) I always agreed because there is no force in this world, which can defy certain logics and move beyond reality but Steve was one such god sent individual who god created to edge him out.

He seriously seemed to be a god’s child. He was born an illegitimate child and then given away for adoption at a tender age and then he had tough times growing up and by the time he reached college he knew he wasn’t getting anywhere. So a drop out from college starts a company with his friend out of his parent’s garage and named that company Apple. Little did he knew he would be a 100M USD cash company owner at the age of 25 but that was not what he wanted or desired; he clearly wanted to create a difference in this world and for mankind.

Someone long back said there is no more invention left in this world and there is only innovations and innovators who will add value to our daily lives. I now look back and think how true that statement was. Steve is a perfect example of being an innovator. He took products that existed and flipped them around with his genius of usability, design and perfection. He always followed his dreams and was ever hungry.

“Consumers dont know what they want, we have to create products that they would want” is an iconic statement of his and he ensured every product he created was just around that statement. Imagine from creating the first PC for hobbyist in 1976 to bringing the LISA, which bombed to Mac which changed the way world started using a PC to iMac in 1998 to iPod in 2001 to iTunes in 2003 to iPhone in 2007 to iPad in 2010 - all the products came out of something that existed but became iconic brands in their own right because it made the consumer know what they should want :-)

Professor Ram of IIM Bangalore once said, “You should know who your competitors are ahead in time and know where they are going to come from” - Think about it, did Kodak knew that Nokia would kill it? Kodak is a camera company and Nokia is a telecom brand but it was the phone that killed the camera. But to that example of Prof Ram, no brands till date even comes close to any of the innovations that Steve has delivered to us.

I am just in awe with this man like several others across the world. I just cant imagine some of his bold moves; who would ever imagine he would come with iTunes? It changed the entire piracy market world wide and every music label was excited with what it got and the iPod was the enabler. He just came in and said 99Cents and just launched it with a bunch of partners but in a week the world had changed, 1Million downloads had happened and every label associated itself with Apple and iTunes automatically and today iTunes delivers so many services through its Apps, Music, Video, Gaming and I dont know how many other stores and it not only opened up an economy but made a few millionaires around the world who run their businesses on iTunes. And trust me if you asked Steve what the logic behind 99Cents was, he would be blank but the truth is that his bold move changed the entire way of an industry that was reeling with Napsters etc making a killing on free downloads.

Everything about Steve has been arrogant, when ousted by his own hire John Sculley whom he got from Pepsi, he resigned from his own company and went to launch Next Computers and though it was a powerful machine it wasn’t such a commercial success but PIXAR changed the way we thought multimedia and animation will change our entertainment consumption and it did, we all know Toy Story and my son’s favorite contents are churned out by PIXAR even today and he loves CARS, which kid doesn’t? He has touched every human being at some stage or the other. My son was 3.5yrs old when he was first exposed to Steve’s Genius. And off-course by the time he was 5.5 years old he had iPad so the pace at, which Steve was touching people’s life was incredible and across all ages. Ohh Ya, Pixar was bought by Disney for over 7B USD in a all stock deal with Steve - FYI :-)

Going back in time; Apple board had no choice but to get Steve back when the Mac went down and Apple was consistently losing several hundred million dollars.

We all know the rest, it was his sheer genius that brought back Apple to a market cap of over 300B USD today. Its unbelievable how one man can change the way the world consumes information and entertainment.

Rest In Peace Steve - We all love you!

iSad :-(

Rammohan Sundaram is the CEO of NetworkPlay & is a passionate writer. His post on Steve Jobs is his dedication to the legend.