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Go Digital - The New Trend in Bollywood
Go Digital - The New Trend in Bollywood
By: iMedia News Bureau

Innovation is the most important thing in the field of marketing and advertising! A couple of years back when Hutch changed to Vodafone, they adopted the line that said, “Change is good!” This made it clear that although things change, one need not worry about the consequences because change is inevitable. Like advertising, media is also speeding up in terms of coping with the changing technology and other mediums to communicate with its audience. Lately, it is Bollywood and production houses that have been chasing various mediums to promote their movies and themselves! Many of the actors are already on social networking websites like twitter and facebook to get up, close and personal with their fans and followers!

The trend started with Hollywood movies on facebook, then we had the Hollywood stars, followed by Bollywood celebrities tweeting and finally today we have a huge chunk of Bollywood movies and television actors and daily soaps vouching to grab as many fans as each of them can! The Indian film fraternity has thus adopted the digital arena in a full fledged manner. It is now becoming a trend to go the online way! Today premiers and music launches of movies are showcased live on various digital platforms. One of the biggest and the latest examples of this trend is Shah Rukh Khan’s superhero flick Ra One scheduled to release in the last week of October. Touted to be India’s biggest digital campaign ever, SRK has gone a step further when it comes to using technology not only in his film but also in promoting it.

(One of India’s most expensive and biggest digital campaign)

Ra.One’s YouTube Channel is a customized channel for the movie on the world’s biggest video sharing site. This channel has a VFX-enhanced Youtube video featuring Shah Rukh himself, probably the first time in India. The channel gives the online viewers or users a chance to play games and create their own Ra.One promos, view clips and behind the scene shots of the movie, uncut footage and the thoughts of the star cast. It has already garnered around 82, 00,000 views and is ranked 29th in the list of Most Subscribed channels of India with a subscriber base of more than 18,300. The movie’s official facebook page boasts of more than 2, 00,000 fans and the number is increasing with the release date coming near. The page not only has lots of applications but is substantially informative and interactive. The official website of the movie is equally interesting with loads of interactive applications, a complete online store to buy toys and other merchandise related to the movie. Shah Rukh is leaving no stone unturned in promoting and marketing Ra.One with an estimated budget of around Rs. 40 crores out of which around Rs. 15 crores is being spent exclusively on the digital promotions. The star has also collaborated with Google and is the first Indian celebrity on Google+. Google’s social networking tool Google+ will help fans in sharing videos and live chatting with Shah Rukh himself. However on twitter, it has only 3000 followers, one of the reasons being that, Shah Rukh is promoting the movie using his twitter handle.


(Ra.One’s official Youtube channel featuring SRK himself)

Apart from all the above mentioned social networking, there are social games as well as Playstation games that have been built by Indiagames for promotions. There have been many movies that have either had a live online music launch or a live chat with the cast and crew or even having an online premiere of the movie. But Ra.One has broken all the barriers and all records of Bollywood’s digital fundas. It seems that the Indian film industry is slowly yet steadily matching the expectations of their fans and coping up with their American or British counterpart in terms of marketing and promoting films. However, what is yet to be seen is the fate of the movie Ra.One on the box office as there have been instances of films that have spend a fortune on marketing but still have not gathered enough audiences or viewers. Here’s wishing all the luck to Bollywood for movies, marketing and latest digital trends!!!