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Case Study: Anna Hazare 'August Kranti' on Facebook
Case Study: Anna Hazare 'August Kranti' on Facebook
By: iMedia News Bureau

The Anna Hazare movement was a revolution in itself & pulled a lot of attention through the online medium as well. Constant tweets supporting Anna, citizens voicing their opinions through hashtags, various posters being displayed on Facebook walls, SMS chains spreading the word about his aandolan, pings on Blackberry Messengers etc

In the midst of all this action, iMedia News Bureau received a consolidated report on Anna Hazare: August Kranti on Facebook & we’re glad to carry out excerpts from a case study which has been created by Sandeep Amar, Head of Operations -Marketing /Audience/Sales Strategy at Times Internet Ltd. His report mainly speaks about the activities which took place on the Facebook page. According to, IndiACor page got 3.3 million booshaka points. This made it the leader among almost all the Facebook pages in the world for August’11. IndiACor was ahead of Facebook pages for Manchester United, WWE, Joyce Meyer ministries, Cristiano Ronaldo and Barack Obama.

Here a few data points that would shed light on how this page was able to engage with its audience:

Trend of post views from 14th August, 2011 to 27th August, 2011(when the fast closure was announced):

The total post views for the period was around 300 million.

Break-up of likes percentage based on countries:

The majority of likes are from India (86%) followed by US (7%).

Break-up of likes percentage based on cities in India:

The likes are lead by Mumbai(35%) followed by Delhi(25%) and Bangalore(22%).

Terming it as the ‘second struggle for independence’, this movement has indeed awakened young India & citizens did not leave any stone unturned to support Anna. You can find his entire report here.

Sandeep Amar is a Head - Marketing/Audience/Sales Strategy, Times Internet Limited & is an esteemed guest author for iMedia Connection.