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Report: Growing Mobile Internet Space in India
Report: Growing Mobile Internet Space in India
By: Sahil Shah

According to a recent report by BuzzCity, the mobile internet space in India experienced a growth of more than 30% in the last quarter. This being the case, the number of impressions served was a little less than 10 billion to the Indian mobile surfing audiences. Over the last few quarters, this is by far the best performance both in terms of the growth as well as reach for the Indian mobile internet space.

The report also finds out that India is the top country compared to the top 5 markets for mobile advertising in the world. Besides India only Indonesia, US, Vietnam & Brazil score more than 1 billion ad impressions per quarter. There are around 80 million (and growing) mobile internet users in India and the average impressions served per user is at a decent 120 times. This in effect with the increasing supply of inventory has facilitated the decrease in the average cost per click and a recommended bid rate of around 1 INR per click.

This growth is due to two core factors that Indian internet space is exhibiting. Firstly the increasing number of mobile internet users due to greater adaptability, cultural changes & literacy factors. Secondly its due to the increasing number of hardware companies making the cheapest and most affordable phones with the best of the features in the market. Infact Nokia is the leader when it comes to mobile internet surfing with a 52% share followed by Blackberry & Samsung at 11% & 10% respectively. Here is a month wise division of the top brands that provide mobile hardware services.

In terms of the demographics, the space is again dominated by males (82%) and that too 50% of the males are from the age group of 20-24 years. The mere size of 18% females i.e. around 15 million unique users is not that big but yet growing with a compelling future. Other details are mentioned in the chart below:

The forecast is that the key markets in India will only grow from now onwards and the "Mobile Only" breed of web surfers will be key towards this type of growth. An array of increasing number of brands being early adopters will capture the market with low cost per click bids in the near future. Also social networking sites in India, like Facebook & Twitter, will play a key role in the growth prospects besides the increasing affordability, accessibility and adaptability in the country.

Tell us in the comment section as to where do you think is the mobile internet space in India is heading. We will also be glad to answer your queries.