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For Advertising, More Screens the Merrier
For Advertising, More Screens the Merrier
By: iMedia News Bureau

A Google and Nielsen study shows that multi-screen advertising is good for your brand.

Traditional wisdom is against advertising in more screens since it is expected to confuse the viewers. But a new research conducted by Nielsen and commissioned by Google, shows otherwise.

The attempt of this research was to measure the incremental impact of multi-screen advertising. The study conducted at CBS’s Television City media lab run by Neilsen, the participants were asked to see a 15 second ad of Volvo’s S60 sedan across platform: TV, PCs, smart phones and tablets. They were shown ads on different combinations of screens that were controlled for frequency.

The result “clearly demonstrated the impact that multi-screen advertising has on branding. In the group that was exposed to TV ads alone, 50% of people correctly attributed the ad to Volvo. For groups that saw the ad across all screens -- TV, PC, smartphone and tablet -- the brand recall jumps dramatically to 74%. Similarly, only 22% of the group that was exposed to just the TV ad correctly recalled that the ad was for a 4-door sedan versus 39% of the group that saw the ad across all screens.”

The results thus clearly go against traditional wisdom. Far from confusing the consumer, multi screen ads actually helped them remember the brands and the products advertised. Thus, as Google says in its Blog, a multi-screen opportunity is indeed looming for advertisers.

The blog further goes on to reveal that smart advertisers are already running integrated digital campaigns. “We’ve worked with hundreds of advertisers who have translated their desktop search and display goals to mobile and now to tablets.  One example we’ve shared previously is the Animal Planet case study, and today we want to share a new example: adidas.  adidas, in partnership with Carat, worked with Google to extend their video brand message to digital. With Google’s unique cross-channel capabilities, adidas was able to extend its video creative across all digital platforms, adapting them for engagement across PCs, smartphones and tablets.”

If you look at yourself as a consumer, and try to think of your daily activities, you realize that you interact with different screen at different times of the day. You might be using a PC or a laptop to do your work, but while you are on the go you use your smart phone screen for work and often entertainment. Again, when you have a little spare time on the move, you flick out your tablet for work and pleasure. Thus, on any given day, you interact with different digital screens at different times.

Hence, a good advertiser will make sure that they are present in all types of screens in different forms of advertisements. Thus, when a consumer sees the brand on one, he remembers it and when he sees the same brand’s ads on another screen, this is reinforced further thus helping the brand.

Thus in today’s world, where every individual lives with different screens, advertising on them represents a new type of interaction with their customers for the brand. Put together this is a new opportunity for them. Being on different screens, makes sure that you put your best advertising and branding foot forward.