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Digital Ad World Faces Talent Crunch
Digital Ad World Faces Talent Crunch
By: iMedia News Bureau

In the digital advertising space, demand overruns supply leaving the industry in a lurch.

With new forms of advertising following the introduction new gadgets and web technologies, the digital advertising space is opening up like never before. The problem is a lack of talented people who know how to play around with these to give a client optimum return on their investment.

And that is not just in India, but globally. A New York Times article states that the shortage of quality staff is ‘acute for jobs that require hard-core quantitative, mathematical and technical skills.’ Thus, those who have the talent, end up earning a lot.  

The problem is made more acute when on realizes that almost everyone, be it marketers and advertisers, or corporate, agencies, etc. all of them want the same type of employees. The ‘careers’ page of most of these companies are full of requirements from the digital ad space. This is because of two reasons. Besides a shortage of people, the number of jobs that require digital advertising expertise has been increasing consistently.

One of the reasons for this increase in number of job is the phenomenal amount of data that is generated by web tools. E.g. Google Analytics can give you the data about your online advertising campaign. But who will see into this data to figure out a pattern that emerges from it which will help the company tweak its sales and promotion to generate more profits. It takes skills, both analytical and imaginative, to do this.

Most of these people for these jobs require a person to be good not just with number crunching, but also be aware of how numbers can translate to marketing and ad campaigns and know the way to transform numbers to usable data which can then be used to device creative ad campaigns that could rake in profits for the company.

The problem becomes much more acute when one considers that almost every company needs these people to do work on different things within and outside the company. This leaves specialized digital ad companies that much more hassled.

India, despite its huge educated population, faces a crunch of talented people in different fields. In the digital advertising space, the problem becomes much more intense considering that most of the times in India, we are merely working on something that has worked previously and has been developed in other countries. There is hence no sense of ownership and the learning that comes from indigenous creations.

What this leads to ultimately, is that there is a huge demand for those who can make sense of digital data. Today it has become one of the most lucrative career options. The point is to have people out there to realize it. In a evolving and knowledge based economy that we are, it pays to have a digital skill set.