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Facebook Security Issues Surfaced Yet Again- 2 Lakh Accounts Hacked
Facebook Security Issues Surfaced Yet Again- 2 Lakh Accounts Hacked
By: Anish Sadanandan

Recently, I was informed by my brother that all my albums on Facebook were public, and that anyone could see it without even being on my network. I was nonchalant and told him that I did not care. I am sure there are many like me who may love to show off their pictures to anyone and everyone. However, all Facebook lovers were in for a rude shock this Wednesday as over 2 lakh Facebook accounts of users from Bangalore were hacked, and their morphed, pornographic photos were sent as ‘News Feeds’ to people in their friends list. For most people this includes family and friends.

Facebook security woes

Facebook and security issues are almost brothers-in-arms. There have been so many issues with security as far as the social network is concerned that it lost a considerable amount of users. The issues caused enough concern for Hacktivist group Anonymous to vow to destroy Facebook on November 5th. November 5th came and went and Facebook is still 800 million users strong, with about 35 million of them from India.

This hack was simple and effective. The attack tricked users all over the world into pasting and executing malicious JavaScript in their browsers' URL bar, exploiting a vulnerability that caused them to unknowingly share the content with their Facebook friends.

The response

The Facebook team as usual were reactive than proactive, and said that they were on top of the situation and had all but eliminated the spam caused due to the hack. It was also mentioned by the social network that they are taking measures to ensure such attacks can be effectively dealt with by creating more robust systems. Just one problem here team Facebook; we have heard that before too many times to believe you.

Facebook also did ‘recommend’ not to copy and paste unknown codes into the address bar. To look at it from Facebook’s point of view, they can’t really be blamed for users being naïve enough to fall for such an attack where they copy and paste an unknown code into their address bar, or when users clicked on bogus links. To be fair, these 2 million users almost asked for it. Unfortunately, the consequences were a little too extreme, causing many of these users to post that they were going to be off the social network.

Now what?

I, for one, am definitely going to change all the settings on my Facebook profile to make it more secure than Alcatraz back in the day. But will that really ensure that my account will be hack-proof? Unless Facebook gets its act together pretty soon, it stands to lose a lot more than 2 million users.