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Social Media Marketing Basics - Ignore at Your Risk
Social Media Marketing Basics - Ignore at Your Risk
By: Bikram K Singh

Facebook and Twitter have brought social media to the forefront of online marketing. These two have become analogous to social media, but these two are not all to social media marketing. There are many more things to social media, but that falls outside the scope of this article. Hence, we will return to the topics of the deadliest mistakes one should avoid when using social media to build relationship with customers and other stakeholders. These are the principles whichapply to all kinds of social media channels.

Don’t sell, teach

A businessman, particularly a salesperson, seems to be fixated at hard selling. You know one when you meet one. The kind which tries to shove down his business card into your pant’s pocket with a broad meaningless grin on his face.While doing so, he has a hope of impressing you, and the harder he tries the miserably he fails in doing so.

If hard selling sounds so bad in the real world, how can it be used in the social media space where the same people,who hates being sold to,come to interact with their friends?

Selling in social media is a big NO-NO. It is rather fruitful to educate your customers about various aspects of your products, product usage, or industry.

Don’t preach, interact

You may be the best brain in the industry. The best person in your profession, ever to live, but what the heck! Who cares for such things?

You need to understand that no one thinks that he is less smart than you are, and absolutely no one thinks that he or she is an absolute idiot. So why would you risk thinking so about him? It is such a put-off.

Instead of preaching and pouring your “ganga of wisdom” you should talk to your customers as adults. Treat them as equal and they will respond favorably. Preach them and they will run away. In social media, always remember to build a continuous flow of two-way communication. Never preach.

Listen, listen, and listen, and listen even more

One of the most hated characteristics of a marketing or sales guy is jabbering. They seem to have penchant for talking incessantly. This does nothing but adds more noise to already noisy world, cutting down the attention span of the people.

Wasn’t it be thinking out of the box that you, for at least once, shut yourself up and be all ears? This will help you understand your market better than you did before.

And with the proliferation of shout boxes (social media channels), what could be the better time than now to seal the lips and open one’s ears?

Social media works wonder, but only when it is judiciously used, which, unfortunately, very few company does.Can you be the first in your industry?