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Mobile Search & its Growth Prospectus in India
Mobile Search & its Growth Prospectus in India
By: Sahil Shah

Did you know that India has around 121 million Internet users in the country out of which 9% people access the Internet via their mobile phones? But did you also know that this number is growing more than anything else and is about to revolutionize the online search market? Well, the trend of mobile Internet and search is growing big time in India due to the increasing affordability and accessibility of this medium.

Recently we spoke about how Mobile Internet that is growing in India with regards to the various contributing factors. This growth is just a direct outcome of how effective mobile searches are becoming in people’s daily lives. According to a study, around 37% of users access the Internet from home, 23%from cyber cafes and 22% from office. Only 9% users currently access the Internet via mobile devices and the rest access from schools and other centres. The current statistic looks very small but the number is slated to grow exponentially.

Here are some factors that will help the growth of Mobile & Mobile Search in India:

Facebook & Twitter:

Facebook being the top social network in India, has more than half of its audience of 38 million accessing the network via mobile phone. Itrecently announced a global tie-up with mobile phone chip maker Mediatek, through which a mobile application would be embedded on low cost handsets, enabling users to access the website through a single icon. Vaughan Smith (Facebook India) added to this saying, "As people become mobile and are on the go, they want to communicate with their friends, share information and that we think will drive the need for devices. We want to create a fast and engaging experience for users even on devices costing below say USD 50 (Rs 2,500), the idea is to have more users on board." Also, twitter being one of the most popular amongst a lot of people in India, is primarily used by a majority of mobile audience only.

Cheap Internet Pricing:

Internet is becoming far more cheap than it was before. Reduction in prices especially in 3G is just one more way of luring consumers and encouraging them to use mobile Internet.

Affordable Smartphones:

A lot of people have been migrating from a normal phone to a feature phone without paying the extra bit. A lot of options in the market from a list of hardware providers have just reassured that consumer is the king of the market. This comes from the fact that a smartphone with all the features is available strating from 2500 INR which was not the same in the past.

Mobile Internet Connectivity:

The government of India is taking proactive measures by providing various policies to promote Mobile Internet. This essentially is facilitated by increasing amount of projects undertaken by public as well as private companies planning to provide end to end data services to the consumer.

These are just a handful of reasons as to why mobile Internet is the next big thing already. Besides the cheap and effective use of the medium, the mass of millions of people using mobile phone is what is making this area so lucrative.  Do you also think that mobile search will catch up with web search or even surpass it? Let us know in the comments section below.