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Power of Blogging - How It Helps in Getting Top Search Engine Ranking
Power of Blogging - How It Helps in Getting Top Search Engine Ranking
By: Bikram K Singh

For long blogging has been seen as a tool that was used by people to express their thoughts and feelings, and for long it was seen as just another fad, but slowly blogging built its base and people started to take it as a serious online marketing tool. First online business owners realized the power of blogging and then small brick-and-mortal businesses joined in the blogging movement to make the most of the online media. But many small as well as large businesses in India (and also in other countries) are still not sure about the benefits of blogging, so they are maintaining a distance from it.

Fresh fodder to search bots

Each blog post that you add to your website works like a bribe that you give to search engine bots, and it is not a bad thing, either. The more fresh pages you give the search bots the sooner they will come to visit your pages, which means each search engine will index more and more of your website, which translates into higher ranking. And do I need to tell that higher ranking for your keywords mean more customers?

People read blog

You may tend to think that all a person does on the Internet is tweet or update his or her Facebook status, but this is not true. The following chart will tell you the contrary. Social media scientist Dan Zarrella found in his study that 50% people read blogs more than once in a day, and 30% reads it once a day. If your business wants to reach this group then you must take blogging seriously and include it in your overall marketing strategy.

Blog influences purchase decision

This is another thing that skeptic businessmen find hard to believe. They do not see any connection between blogging and purchase decision, but their skepticism is baseless. Your customers get influenced by everything that they see, hear, or read about your product and your industry, and blogging is not different. In the same study, the researcher found that the purchase decision of most of the people who have access to the Internet gets affected by blogs they read. The degree to which it affects may vary from person to person, but it definitely influences them.

Enhanced social status

Regular blogging also has a positive effect on the image a company wants to create. A company which shares high-quality information for free through its blogs is seen as a category leader. Every other thing being equal – price, quality, and nature of product – who does not want to buy from the category leader?

If your business has not joined the blogging bandwagon yet then you should do it before its too late, and before your competitors get their hands of this killer online marketing tool. The time is running out.