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Kolaveri-sation of Youtube
Kolaveri-sation of Youtube
By: iMedia News Bureau

Every now and then, there is an innovation that catches a plethora of eye balls and becomes a rage! Deep in our hearts, we still know that it is an innovation or an invention and that it comes from a whole lot of grey matter mixing together. But there are times when one simple video, one simple thought or one simple song can turn into an anthem for the entire country. It can change perceptions and bring about a revolution to various industries.

There are millions of videos uploaded on Youtube everyday, be it music videos, films, fashion, pornographic or just random videos generated by the users! However there are some videos which not only grab attention but sweep the nation by storm. One such thunderstorm was brought about by the Tanglish (Tamil + English) music video ‘ Why This Kolaveri Kolaveri Di? Released on 16th November 2011, the video has already become like an anthem for the country generating more than 10 million views and still counting! The video has no special effects and the only visually appealing part of the video is Kamal Haasan’s daughter Shruti Haasan! Uploaded on 16th November 2011, the video had already gathered more than 5 lac views in the first 3 days itself and currently it has received more than 50,000 comments and 1 lac likes on Youtube alone. It has further been shared on Facebook for more than 7 lac times and hundreds of parodies are already doing the rounds on the digital arena.

(Dhanush singing Kolaveri Di, the current anthem of the country)

Undoubtedly, it is a pretty funky song, with hilarious lyrics by the singer himself, actor Dhanush, better known as the son-in-law of Tamil superstar Rajnikanth! The song is composed by a first time composer Anirudh and is from Dhanush’s upcoming Tamil movie 3 directed by his wife Aishwarya, R. Dhanush. Now a pertinent question arising in the minds of many would be what will they do with only Youtube views? A simple one word answer to this one would be PR! The popularity of the song has made it an anthem of not just the South but the entire nation and some more parts of the world. There are communities and fan-pages on Facebook, spoofs, fan videos and parodies of the song being sung and if that was not all the song was tweeted with the hash tag #whythiskolaveridi which soon changed to #kolaveri after gaining popularity, both of which were trending in India and a couple of other countries. 

What is the reason for the song to become a viral hit? The song is just about a guy who is drunk and has been dumped by his girlfriend. The people not only enjoy the horrendous lyrics which are subtitled in English, but it is also the National Award winning actor Dhanush’s singing along with the typical desi beats that make it worth listening and grooving to! So one can surely say that if the content is interesting and catchy, it can go viral on its own provided networked properly and with efficient propagation. For instance, one of the fan videos has highlighted the latest issue of Harvinder Singh slapping Sharad Pawar by creating a parody of Kolaveri song. The latest parody is Alvin and the Kolaveri Chipmunks song that is being shared on Facebook!   


 (Parody of the song on the recent Sharad Pawar SlapGate episode)

The digital agency working for Sony Music and the one that has been the mastermind behind uploading the video on Youtube and further promoting it with a hash tag is Bang Bang Films’ digital arm called Jack in the Box Worldwide. The agency has not only thought ‘Out of the Box’ but has also given the entire film fraternity of India, a whole new dimension of marketing and campaigning. First it was Ra.One’s Youtube channel that created a huge buzz on the digital arena with its interesting look and feel and now it is a song! This only shows that the producers are now realizing the importance of digital media and are exploring it in numerous ways. Perhaps, there will be a day when Youtube views would be more important than the sale of CDs, DVDs and music albums in earning revenues!!!