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Keyword Classification and what does it mean
Keyword Classification and what does it mean
By: Bikram K Singh

Keyword research is the most fundamental and the most important activity that a marketer undertake in order to establish its business on the Internet. This is also the most time consuming and, at times, most frustrating activity.

Ask any marketer in his weakest moment and he will tell you how he dread doing it, and how annoying he feels when after hours and hours of research he cannot find even a single good keyword to use in the website. He will also confide that even after he finds a seemingly good keyword, it does not seem to bring traffic.

The problem is not the keywords that the marketer is finding. The problem is in the connection between keywords and the website content. One should understand that all keywords are not equal, and it is important to match the nature of the website with the searched terms in order to get traffic and customers.

Classification based on intension

When doing a keyword research, you need to keep in mind the intention behind the search. When you come across a good keyword you should ask yourself what kind of content will the searchers be looking for when use that particular keyword?

In the process of keyword research it is important to classify keywords on the basis of searchers’ intentions. You need to find the reason behind using that keyword. On the basis of searchers’ intention keywords can be classified into the following four categories:

  1. Navigational – used by people just to go to the website one wants to go.
  2. Informational – used to seek some information (keywords beginning with How to and ending with Tips fall under this category).
  3. Entertainment – The term explains itself.
  4. Transactional: This is the keyword used by people who have intention to buy.

Depending upon the nature of your website, you can target one more kinds of keywords categories.

Classification based on time factor

Time factor matters a lot, and if it does affect your industry then you must check if people are searching for keywords that has urgency factor built in it. For example, next day delivery, overnight courier delivery, 24-hour delivery guarantee, etc.

Companies working in gifts, cakes, flower delivery, document delivery, etc. see a lot of customers using such keywords. You should see if that fits your industry.

There are many more ways in which you can fine-tune your keyword research data, but these two are the most important ones, and provide a nice starting point.