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Google+ for Business Pages in India
Google+ for Business Pages in India
By: Sahil Shah

Ever since the launch of Google+ Page for Business, there have been stories about how brands will use the social network for reaching out to consumers. The answer is simple enough where brands will capitalize on (almost Facebook like) features of the network and offer consumers a destination for brand engagement.

Google+ is one more attempt by Google Inc. to dive into the social networking world against the giant Facebook. However, the extent to which this network is performing is still a question to be asked. Not considering this, brands are leaving no stone unturned in becoming early adopters and experimenting with the network. A number on brands worldwide have already set up Google+ Pages for business and are ranking high on search results, activities and outreach via the network. Efforts have been taken to create presence and engagement online. Next level steps like running promotional activities have also been undertaken by the likes of Pepsi, Toyota & Burberry. It is the animated images on the Burberry page, the hangout by The Muppets or the season’s latest Versace fashion collection from H&M. Brands are engaging on Google+ big time.

India being one of the top social networking hub in the world after US & China in terms of number of users, Google+ brand pages are quite a hit here. This comes from the activities Indian brands are undertaking to target more than 4 million registered users on this network from India. One example of effective use of the network was done by one of the top actors in Bollywood - Shahrukh Khan for his recent release RaOne. One of the most advanced features of Google+ called Hangouts, was explored by SRK & Team, where he came live on the network to do a video chat with some of his lucky fans. This was also promoted by prints ads in newspapers.

Besides this other brands have also created their presence on the network. Top consumer brands like Axe Angels ClubClose upPepsodent, Friends of Sure, etc. emerging from the same parent company Unliever India have taken a front seat on their promotions on the network. India’s leading car manufacturer Maruti Suzuki, e-retailers like FashionAndYou - all are quickly connecting with their fans on Google+ in unique ways.

Entertainment organizations are equally active on the network. For e.g. TV Channelslike IBNLiveZoom TV, TechGuru, etc. and music labels like Sony Music India as well as India’s coolest music festival Sunburn have shown interest in promoting their pages on the network. Also India’s first movie on Google+ is Don 2 taking inspiration from RaOne’s success on the network.

These pages do not have a mass of audience interacting like on Facebook because of obvious reasons that Facebook is still the number one destination for users in India. Also lot of features like, interactive iFrames to games to contests, etc. are lacking in these pages that are a core to any sort of communication for the growth of a page. But my best bet is that Google+ will have a lot more features to offer to the marketers on the network that will keep all of them hooked to the network. Early adopters will benefit and understand/track the trends far more clearly than the rest. This is the right time to create a Google+ page and gauge the trends to shift gears accordingly. If you still have not created a Google+ Page for your business, then do it right away by clicking here as currently every brand is doing the bare minimum of atleast being present on the social network.

In your view, do you think Google+ will be the new go to destination for consumer engagement with brands online. Do let us know in the comment section below.