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Does Your Company Need CMS? Read This
Does Your Company Need CMS? Read This
By: Bikram K Singh

There was a time when HTML-based static website was all a business needed to make its presence felt on the Internet. A business owner would hire a person to make a static website with some DHTML animation to it, and the result was always unattractive. Thankfully those early days of poor-quality websites is long over and now it is possible to have a sleek-looking website, but many are stick stuck in the past with their bas-looking websites.


CMS stands for Content management system, and as the name suggests a CMS platform allows one to add all kinds of content to one’s website without worrying about the structure of the pages, it’s links, navigation, etc.

In the earlier days when managing website was tricky, a small business needed someone who can upload pages of content on the web and manage it, which means a small business needed a full-time employee to run a website. This was enough deterrent for a small business to prohibit its entry to the  online world. For it, going on the Internet would have incurred an additional fix cost with no apparent direct benefit.

CMS has changed all this. Now a small businessman does not need to hire a full-time employee to maintain its website. Anyone who can work in a word processor program (MS Word) can update website through a CMS.

Which CMS to use?

This is the most confusing and contentious question to ask because a Joomla fan will tell you that Joomla is the best and a Drupal fan will shout out loud about the features of Drupal, and WordPress users will claim that it is the best thing ever happen to mankind, and same holds true for the users of other CMS platforms.

The battle is far from being over, and it is not going to be any easy to decide a clear winner, anytime in the near future – and in fact there is no need to do so. Instead, what you need is a checklist which you can use to check a CMS before using it. That will be more productive for a small business owner.

CMS litmus test

Before investing your time, energy, and money in any CMS, you should check it against the following:

  • Does the CMS allow distribution of content to all the distribution points on the Internet:

o   Major search engines

o   Ping sites

o   RSS aggregators

o   Social networking sites

o   Social bookmarking sites

  • Does it generate W3C complaint HTML and CSS.
  • Is the code output error-free?
  • How fast is the page load time?
  • Can the design be changed on click of a button?
  • Can it be extended with use of plug-ins?
  • Are there enough free themes and plug-ins available?
  • Is it easy to use?
  • How steep is the learning curve?
  • Is it free? If not, how expensive it is?
  • How secure the CMS is? 

A CMS that gives you affirmative answers to above questions is the one you should go for. It is as easy as this.