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Why Online Consumers expect Discounted Goods?
Why Online Consumers expect Discounted Goods?
By: iMedia News Bureau

Today's consumers are happy to purchase items online and they have definitely gone smarter with every single purchase they make. There was a time when people were unpredictable about the whole virtual shopping experience and the security and discounts meant a great deal for them. But today they have become much more positive about an e-commerce site and which makes them quite certain about the fact that if they are making a purchase here, it is the best price they could get for the particular product and Window shopping, looking to bag a bargain is fast becoming a thing of the past.

For around a third of today's shoppers, discounted items make up at least seven out of every 10 items in their shopping cart, according to the Deloitte/Harrison Group annual American Pantry Survey. Pat Conroy, VP Deloitte LLP and consumer products sector leader says consumers today expect to bag a good deal and that the excitement of discovering a good price is becoming a thing of the past.

Not only are discounted items and deals more prevalent, but the vast majority of shopper’s research prices and products before even heading out the door to the mall.

Three-quarters of respondents to the survey believe they shop smarter now than they did a year ago and 86% believe they are now honing their purchase choices and becoming more precise in what they buy.

Furthermore, 80% say they are becoming more efficient at getting in and out of a store which isn't great news for store owners who would prefer they stopped and browsed a while. Nine out of 10 know what they're going to buy before they enter a store and 83% have in mind the brands they will seek out.

On the on the hand a report by KPMG reveals that consumers have a harder time committing to buying and luxury goods and groceries on the Internet. Consumers are happier today than ever before with online purchases thanks to better security and improved returns options. However, when it comes to large sums consumers prefer to check out the items in person in a store. Almost half (47%) of respondents said they had no interest in purchasing luxury goods online.


In India online shopping has become the most modern and also the most convenient way to shop for people. It is the most convenient for a lot of reasons such as the fact that you don’t have to go anywhere physically and you can shop for anything from anywhere you like. Online shopping clearly has a lot of benefits to offer to everyone which is probably why it has gained so much popularity and continues to do so even now.


Of all the advantages that online shopping holds, the one benefit that attracts the maximum amount of shoppers is the fact that it helps us save time and large discounts under one roof. The saving time bit of online shopping is that one features that standout against the rest of the benefits.


In this day and age, almost every other product or service that you can think of is sold on the internet. Every brand and every product category have established their presence on the internet and even realize what the value of the internet as a large market base. You will very easily be able to find products such as books, shoes, clothes, perfumes, men apparel, accessories, airline tickets, female apparel, etc. and you will also find deals on services such as spa treatments, salon treatments, gyms, restaurants and so on and so forth that too at a competitive price which is making consumer much more confident about this online world of shopping.