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Facebook Timeline - A Trip down Memory Lane
Facebook Timeline - A Trip down Memory Lane
By: Anish Sadanandan

Facebook – love it, hate it, but you just cannot ignore it. For the haters, it is always in the news for be it coming up with something new for its users or for how it is set to dominate the online advertising industry for some time to come. For the lovers, it is simple. Every new change seems to get the users more addicted to the social network, if not already, and most of the changes seem to be welcome be the users; well almost all of them. The newest change is Facebook Timeline. The video for timeline most certainly gave me goosebumps. You can watch the video here.

About Timeline

If you saw the video, you would know exactly what Timeline is all about. It is simple, yet so brilliant. Timeline enables a user to compile and showcase everything they have done on Mark Zuckerberg’s brainchild (maybe the Winklevoss’ might disagree with me on that). This helps from your friends or followers, or even yourself, to having to click on “More stories” on your profile page to just see what you have done in the past. Timeline makes it easy to just go through your Facebook history in chronological order. How does Timeline match up against sites like who allow the same? Well, to begin with, you are combine what such websites allow you to do to one of the leading social networks around.


The cover for your timeline is pretty much like your profile picture. It is what your friends see first on your page, and what random, weird people see before they decide to send you a friend request with a cheesy line. You can definitely get creative with this, and it is up to you as to what your first impression should be.


The ‘Stories’ part of Timeline pretty much tells your whole story on Facebook. This part tells your whole story from when you joined Facebook, your goofy status messages back then along with your inebriated pictures, to the more “Facebook sensible” you in the present age. It takes you, and your friends and followers, down memory lane to recap what was, and what is now. It can be quite a ride to discover the seemingly funny things you might have done in the past, which may seem outright ridiculous to you at this point (I say that from personally using the Timeline).

You can give importance to certain stories while creating your timeline by Starring a particular story or completely deleting it, which in my case was mostly everything.


Timeline gives applications much more importance than Facebook currently does. Through Timeline, users can share the music, movies, and pretty much everything they are up to through various Facebook applications. Through this, friends with similar interests can get ideas on what to watch or maybe even which book to read next.

Facebook comes at a price: privacy

So Timeline does seem cool. But what about its affect on the various security settings that Facebook has recently, or in the past, come up with to answer the critics? As far as the cons of Timeline are concerned, pessimists believe that through Timeline users may disclose more information about themselves over the years which in turn gives Facebook that information and thus enables advertisers to target their audience better. Also, it is much easier to find information on a user through Timeline than it may have been before. This does raise more than a few eyebrows.

Timeline for brands

Brands have been more than active on Facebook by creating their own pages to keep their faithful abreast of what they will be seeing soon from the company. Timeline seems like the perfect opportunity for brands to showcase the company right since its inception, to the current state of affairs. This gives their followers a great overview of the company, and how far it has come since it started. Unfortunately, Facebook Timeline is not available for brands at the moment. As per a Facebook representative:

 “We are currently focused on Timeline for individuals and will consider how to make consistent experiences for Pages, but we have nothing to announce at this time.”

All said and done, Facebook Timeline seems like a good addition, and is bound to be more than welcome by users. What is your take on this?