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How a Small Business Can Optimize Its Online Store
How a Small Business Can Optimize Its Online Store
By: Bikram K Singh

The Internet has opened a floodgate of customers, and now it has made it possible for a small business to compete against the goliaths of its industry, but a large number of small business owners in India have either failed to capitalize on this, or they have not tried doing that. The reason cited for that has, in many cases, been the business’ inability to get free traffic, and buying Pay per Click (PPC) ads for traffic is considered an expensive proposition.

Getting visitors is indeed very important, but to stay competitive a small business owner needs to keep the price of getting visitors to its online store close to zero, if not absolute zero. For that, they should use SEO (search engine optimization). But the question is how an online-store owner can optimize his online store, which unlike regular website, features products and not articles (or content, for that matter)? The article is an answer to all such questions. Read it to the end and you shall know how to optimize your online store and how to get more visitors to your website.

Optimizing an online store

Unique content

When optimizing a website, the main issue that an online store owner faces is the lack of content on the website; in the absence of which it gets difficult for to optimize a website for a keyword. To counter this, one should create unique content for each of the product and category pages.

Find the keywords

Before you create content for the categories and products, you should find the words and phrases your customers are searching for. In SEO parlance, we call them keyword phrases. A keyword phrase could be anything from your brand name to the features of your products to the benefits your customer expects from it.


On an ecommerce website it will not be easy to create a page for all the product categories people are searching for, so it is always a good idea to start a blog on the URL hosting the online store. It will give you an option to create content pages for product categories that people are searching for.

Interlinking and backlinks

When creating a blog, do not forget to link the product page with the related blog post. Not only that you should interlink various product pages. Linking should be done using keywords in anchor texts. You can also show a list of similar products to keep people engaged.

Integrate social media

It is now an established fact that social sharing influences your website’s rank in search engine. You should provide a series of social buttons – Facebook like, tweet, Google+, Digg, StumbleUpon – on each of your product and category pages. Integrating sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn will also increase the eyeballs on your online store.

Let them write reviews

One of the most important factors that influences conversion rate on Amazon is its strong review system. Buyers are allowed, and in fact, encouraged to write reviews based on their experience with the product. You can use the same on your website. A positive review boosts conversion, and a negative one gives you a better understanding of your product, which you can use to create better products.


A sitemap is like a roadmap that tells the search bots where to go and which left to take, and where to turn right. In other words, a sitemap helps search bots find all your pages.

A small business owner must take these steps to make its online store gain visibility in the search engine. As you can see above, optimizing an online store is not difficult, all it takes, primarily, is a little bit of content, link building, and social integration.