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Facebook Mobile Apps Top the Chart
Facebook Mobile Apps Top the Chart
By: iMedia News Bureau

Our use of the web has rapidly changed since its inception, in simple words; it has evolved from online directories to search engines and now to social media.  Built on the desktop and notebook PC platform, the web’s popularity is noteworthy.

Today, however, a new platform shift is taking place.  In 2011, for the first time, smartphone and tablet shipments exceed those of desktop and notebook shipments. This move means a new generation of consumers expects their smartphones and tablets to come with instant broadband connectively so, they too can connect to the Internet.

According to a recently released study by Benedict Evans, tallying the numbers for Enders Analysis found that around 40 percent of all active users of Facebook use Facebook mobile apps on a monthly basis, . Facebook claims 800 million active users in total these days.

In September, Evans pointed out; Facebook claimed 350 million total mobile users, a figure that included both mobile web users and mobile apps users. At that time, Facebook claimed about 250 million people were accessing Facebook via mobile apps on a monthly basis.

On a daily basis, Evans’ figures show Android pulling ahead of iPhone and iPod Touch in mobile app usage, but iPhone/iPod Touch still trumps Android on a monthly basis (100.4 million for the former, to 87.8 million for the latter).

According to a Nielsen, for mobile application report and its findings not only there is an increase in smartphone usage, but also what applications are most popular. For its report, Nielsen surveyed more than 4,200 people who had downloaded a mobile application in the last 30 days.

The survey really highlights just how much smartphone ownership trails traditional feature phone ownership, at least in the U.S. Nielsen’s study shows that 21% of American wireless subscribers have smartphones.

Still, even non-smartphone users have heavily embraced mobile apps. Nielsen’s survey indicates that the average number of apps that a feature phone user has on his or her device is 10, while the average number of apps a smartphone user has is 22.

Facebook clearly dominates the mobile app space; it’s one of the top five apps on each of the platforms highlighted. Still, Nielsen notes that broken down by demographic, MySpace is still very popular among teens and that LinkedIn is strong in the 25-44 demographic.

Social networking, which is Facebook’s core competency – commands the second largest allocation of consumers’ time.  Games, which typify the most popular kind of app played on the Facebook platform itself, are also the top categories on both Android and iOS platforms.  As interactive media usage continues to shift from the web to mobile apps. One thing is certain: Facebook, Apple and Google will all expend significant resources to ensure that no one company dominates owning the direct relationship with the consumer.