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Why Businesses Fail to Capitalize on LinkedIn Connection?
Why Businesses Fail to Capitalize on LinkedIn Connection?
By: Bikram K Singh

LinkedIn, despite being one of the most trusted and esteemed social networking website has failed to catch on the fancy of small as well as big businesses. Unlike Facebook, which is now talked about in all the boardrooms and shop floors, LinkedIn has failed to capitalize on the trust it built among the business owners. But it’s not LinkedIn which is barring businesses from making most of it, but it is the businesses that are responsible for underutilizing or misusing the power of LinkedIn. They tend to treat LinkedIn like any other social networking website.

How to effectively use LinkedIn

Participate in groups

Every successful group on LinkedIn has many non-performing members. Members who joined but never added any value to the group; at best they dropped a link or two and left when they didn’t receive any click-through.  This is a wrong approach to LinkedIn. If you want to be successful with LinkedIn, you need to actively participate in discussion on LinkedIn. That is how you will be able to make a name for you and your business.

Do not roll out a new group

When a business starts its LinkedIn campaign, it rolls out its own group, like it creates a Facebook Fan page or Facebook group. Instead of doing that, a business representative should learn to participate in an existing group in the related niche and build credibility before starting a new group and inviting people there.

Taking discussions as sales pitch

I have also seen many threads on LinkedIn where people hijack a thread and start blatantly promoting one’s company and one’s products with a hope that people engaged in discussion will take notice to that offer or company without realizing that people engaged in LinkedIn use blinkers to filter such nuisance out.

Spamming people

Sending useless mails, commenting on updates for visibility are some of the ways marketers use to spam the business networking website. This creates a bad name for the business, so should be stopped at once.

Have a custom URL

Often a custom URL feature of LinkedIn is underutilized. Business owners and business representative do not give much thought to it. But in case one wants some result, custom URLs should be given some consideration. In fact, one should properly brand LinkedIn profile pages for key members of a business organization.

If a business wants to build a strong brand on LinkedIn then it must first learn to give, adapt to community, and be helpful to the participants. LinkedIn users are sensitive lot and they are definitely not teenagers, and they have seen the business world for long enough to differentiate good from the bad. The only way to attain any success on this social networking giant is to be respectful to the community here.