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Adrian Terron of Nielsen on Social Media & Metrics for a Brand
Adrian Terron of Nielsen on Social Media & Metrics for a Brand
By: Namita Ved

Earlier this week, we had published a video presentation of what Mahesh Narayanan of Google had to say about Mobile in India at the iMedia Brand Summit Goa. Next up we have Adrian Terron from Nielsen who gave an astounding speech on Social Media & Metrics – Walking the Talk from Buzz to Brand Health. Adrian is the VP – Global Communications & Marketing at Nielsen & a sharp presenter.  He shed light on the power of social media in today’s world where the consumers feel empowered with the usage of these mediums like Twitter which has grown to be an influential platform for people. He gave deep insights from a report of NM Insights on what are the pain points for a brand on social media where they face extreme sides of both. Supporting it with examples of case studies from Water purifiers, the telecom sector, IPL & the top 10 brands on Facebook, Adrian stressed on a lot of key pointers that mark the quality of buzz & conversations in the broader blogosphere. He believes the way forward in the internet world is going to be on focusing on social media equity & metrics.

Watch his entire video below exclusively on iMedia Connection & let us know on what do you have to say.