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Do You Need to Be Shakespeare to Succeed Online?
Do You Need to Be Shakespeare to Succeed Online?
By: Bikram K Singh

The above question represents the dilemma of every businessman who has anything to do with the Internet, and the title of the post speaks of his frustration. After a major search algorithm update that Google introduced in early 2011, which was called Panda update, webmasters are worried about the future of their web-based business.

Webmaster’s worries are without any merit because despite the hoopla over Panda effect, which has mainly affected content farms and websites with poorly written articles, ecommerce websites and other kinds of websites are ranking high in Google. But the game certainly has changed. Now anything will not go in the name of content. To be taken seriously by Google, the content quality must be of top-notch quality.

What does this mean for a small business (or even bigger ones)?

The first message that Google gave to the website owners in the early 2011 was a sort of a warning. Webmasters can no longer use low-quality content on their websites, do aggressive link building, and hope to come on the top of Google search. Now they have to remove low-quality content from the mix and replace it with the content which adds value to the visitors.

As the rumor has it the search giant has hired in bulk to strengthen its manual website reviewing team. Although manually reviewing all the websites on the Internet is not possible, this move says about the rigidity with which Google has attached itself to the idea of seeing better content on the web. In fact, it is not such a bad thing. In May 2011, Google had also issued new content guidelines on building high-quality websites.

What should a small businessman do?

The first thing you can do is stop panicking because it didn’t let you think of a solution. Now the next step should be to read the Google content guidelines. You need to know about it, even if you do not write because you need to understand if your writer is violating any Google terms or not. Now you need to either train yourself in the craft of writing compelling web copy or hire an expert to do that for you. When hiring someone to write for your website, always check the person’s credentials, his past work, and ask for reference. Buying on low-price may get you a bad deal, and in the post-panda world, badly written content is worse than having no content on the website.

You may not need to be Shakespeare or a writing genius to succeed in the post-panda world, but you need to know to construct flawless sentences, which carry your idea forward and make sense when they come together to form a paragraph, and later an article.