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Why are parents shopping for toys online?
Why are parents shopping for toys online?
By: iMedia News Bureau

All the daily deal and online shopping sites particularly do good business during the festive season but does that mean, that rest of the time their business faces a lull period or the story remains as exciting.

According to Google's "The Role of Digital in the Toy Shopper's Journey" study, when little Johnny expresses a desire for a particular toy, the Internet is where many parents head. Children’s demands is the basic factor why many parent despite of their hectic schedules, head to online shopping sites for putting an end to their child’s demand or giving it a new beginning.

The study states that, gifters are always on the search for the best toys that will put smiles on those little faces. More than 68% of all toy sales are influenced by the web.

To understand what kind of role does digital, search and mobile play in the shopping journey Google finds these insights:

  • Over half of all online toy shoppers research on online retailer or mass merchant sites. Conversely, only 26% of them research on manufacturer sites. This indicates that a co-op investment strategy is crucial for toy manufacturer brands.
  • The top two ad types that were most effective for online toy shoppers were sponsored search engine listings (26%) and email ads (21%). Marketers should make sure that messaging and deals in the two are consistent to deliver a better experience.
  • 39% of online toy shoppers research for a window longer than 3 weeks, which was surprising for many of those in the industry. Marketers should lengthen their attribution window to maximize the opportunity.
  • Among online toy buyers, 90% of those who visited converted on 72% of those who visited converted elsewhere. This business skews heavily towards online and merchants that are very skilled at delivering a top notch online shopping experience and will have an advantage.

Children, of course, are responsible for sending their parents into a toy-spin. Over two-thirds of toy purchases were heavily influenced by the kids with Mom being more influenced by them (71%) than Dad (54%).

In the search for the perfect gift parents are heading online and, according to Google's findings, their research is rigorous and sometimes drawn out. Almost 2 in 5 spend more than 3 weeks researching and almost half of all buyers use more than five sites. To this end, marketers are advised to remarket to customers who don't immediately convert.

Most online toy research is done from home, probably when the kids are safely tucked up in bed, but 28% research from work or in a restaurant (18%). Mobile plays a role with 15% doing toy research while in the store or during the daily commutes (10%).

Judging by the 43% of respondents that use video sharing sites in their research, more than use manufacturer sites (39%) or search (39%), parents like to see toys in action before purchasing. Almost a quarter (23%) of those who viewed them found them useful. Furthermore, online video ads were cited by 16% as being 'extremely useful' in their toy research coming behind sponsored search listings (26%) and email ads (21%).

With the flurry of baby shopping websites in India, also one can easily make out that what the scenario is like. Kids are very influential when it comes to shopping and yes they off course have a say in what they want to buy for themselves be it their clothes or toys and they very well know how  to get their work done from their super busy parents, pester them to death and they will not even think once before making that purchase online.